the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

August 29, 2004

so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say

While I will quote a DMB song title, I promise I will not dump 800 lbs of crap onto anyone who might be reading this. Dude. Well, the shore was awesome. It was more than relaxing to sit on the beach and knit. I think I preferred that to being able to get in the water (which I couldn't due to me broken leg, argh matey). I started and finished a few things and felt very proud of myself for doing so. My fil said, "You really ARE a yarn addict." Well, it could be worse. So here's what I finished: 1 handbag with Deco Ribbon in a seed stitch pattern (although I used smaller needles and ended up needing to buy another ball when I got back home so I could make a handle) 1 felted hat for Moma (Fiber Trends pattern AC-01) using one skein of red Galway and one skein of Cascade Quatro in a pink, orange and red blend. The result is very very nice. Here's what I started: 1 totebag (to be felted) using Lamb's Pride in M52 spruce. I'm in the middle of that one. I didn't start the socks.

Thumbing through an old yellow pages I found a few yarn shops. It was Fiber Arts Studio and Yarn Shop. Okay, they had a LOT of stuff there, and they weren't yarn snobs, either - there was some Red Heart and Lion Brand, as well as Noro, Skacel, etc. However, and a big however, the people working there weren't very, uh, nice. I saw a pattern for a skacel scarf in chenille and it was so soft and cushy, so I picked out what I thought was the yarn (it said Skacel, it was behind the pattern, I was in a hurry, they were staring at me, what else can I say?). It was $25 a skein. I brought it over and they asked if I wanted it to be wound up.
"Sure, " I said. "Do you have any copies of that pattern that's hanging by it?"
"Yes," said dippy girl. "But that isn't the yarn you use for it. The yarn you want is next to it."
"Oh, let me look and see it real quick."
"No, you can still use the yarn you picked out. I'll just change the needle size on the pattern."
"No, I want to see the other yarn."
"But you can still use this yarn."
"I just want to see the other yarn first, okay?"
Then I looked at the other yarn - and it was only $13 a skein. I'm thinking, is this girl working on commission?
Mean girl behind register says, "Do you have a color change?"
"Yes, I'd like this one instead. Thanks."
Dippy girl: "Good thing I didn't wind this one up."
Hrmph. SorrEE. So they sat and wound up my yarn and laughed the whole time. I guess I should check it for hairy spit wads or something. I dunno.

But that bad experience was all cancelled out when we were driving back home and stopped at North Country Knits in Belleplain, NJ. The owner came out and opened up the store from her adjoining house. She raises sheep and uses their wool to make and sell her own yarn. She said she sends it up to Massachusetts to have them color it for her. I bought plenty :) One skein in cream, two in black. I also bought some Peace Fleece and a skein of reduced Ballybrae. She had soooooooo much there and was soooooooo helpful, but Gabe had to pee, so I had to cut it short. But oh, that place was divine :)