the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

August 10, 2004

A welcome to myself

Since I might be my only reader, I am saying "welcome" to me! I'm mainly doing this knitting blog so that I can keep up with what I've seen, what I'm doing, and maybe just for a confidence boost. I figure that if I show myself how much I've gotten done and what I've made, I might just feel a little better at that moment. And since I live for the here and now, that can't be all that bad.


Here's where I went today:

1. After Gabe had his blood drawn, we went to Ball and Skein, a little yarn shop in Brickerville. Of course, it was after we went to the candy shop and after we spent our $10 credit card minimum. I had spent $9.52 but ordered some non-pareils for Keaton, anyway. I think they're still in the fridge, demeltifying.

Anyway, the Ball and Skein - it was a small place, but it seemed to have a medium assortment of things. Nice wall of feltable yarns, which I liked. They had a cool sample handbag that they had done in a buttercream, pumpkin, and gold color. They did it in Nature Wool, which is a very nice wool indeed, with its variant shade running throughout the yarn. I didn't quite understand the lady and I thought that she was kind of rude because I wasn't really listening to her saying that she used three colors (I was too busy going gaga over what Nature Wool shades I'd seen that I'd never seen before!), and I said, "Oh, did it stripe on its own?" And she was a little irritated with me, because she had just gotten done saying that she used three colors, and she was out of one. She repeated what she had said, in a lesser than friendly tone. Maybe she thought I was dumb. I guess I was the rude one if I wasn't listening, but still. Let a girl soak in the yarn!

She had an unfelted hat, like mom's Fibertrends AC-1 that I'm about to work on. Hers was a Plymouth pattern, though, and she looked my pattern over and said they were very similar. Her Galway there btw was only $5.99, whereas at KitNit it's $6.25. Anyway, the hat was huge. I remarked on how I love making bags to felt, and sometimes I hate to felt them because they're so delicious and bohemian looking, like you could hang out in the library and wear corduroys and carry your big unfelted bag and really hear some Carole King in your head and feel like you were timewarping it.

She suggested a creamy beige Galway for mom's hat, with STARZ in a similar shade as a decorative trim above the brim. Mom came in and, knowing that I was going to go and trade in my brown heather Galway at KitNit and pick out another color, said we'd come back after lunch. We never did.

They had Noro Kureyon there. I dunno. I worked with it and love it, but I wasn't wowed by the shades she had. She had a black/grey one that normally would appeal but doesn't, or didn't today.

She said purple is the new black.

2. We went to KitNit and exchanged mom's heather brown. THANK GOD. It was very dull and manly. I was wondering how I'd find a hat pin to female it up a bit. Now I don't have to worry - she picked out a gentle eggplant color instead.

Jean there said that socks are harder than sweaters, so I signed up for the right class. I like a challenge, but right now, I like knitting too much to go bonkers and am looking for a doable challenge. I bet I could do socks, but you know, I have more of a desire to go for it and do sweaters. Although according to her, going for it would be doing socks. We shall see. Socks in the spring, perhaps. There are more patterns for sweaters that I have come across, anyway, than I have for socks. I mean, socks are socks. Not that I don't like them and all.

I have had my spaceboot on all day today and am finally out of it. I am grinding my teeth. Oh, and they spread manure around the KitNit viewing area so when you went in the store, you smelled poopy wool. Like a freshly sheared sheep's rear.

I was going to see if they had a zippered mesh bag for me to use for felting so I could forego the "I had to wash this anyway" pillowcase, but I didn't feel like going back into the poopy wool store. I felt like she thought it was me, anyway.

Right now I'm going to take some advil, take out my tacts, take off the makeup, put on some jammies, and start to finish (oxymoron!) my afghan. I like working on it, but it's getting hot now. I want to finish it before it covers me as I work on it at the beach. That'd be not fun.

Pics soon (in case I forget what I worked on)