the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 30, 2004

saltpork is comin' to town

okay, i made major progress with saltpork last night (in case anyone missed it, i just gave this sirdar sweater this random name. it has nothing to do with the sweater, unless it's the color of saltpork. i don't know. i've never seen it. saltpork, that is, not the sweater.)


'course i cut off the ribbing with the way i had the sweater posing. but it's down there.

here's a raglan detail:

i'm hoping to ask mike's grandma how to pick up stitches on the neckline so i can finish this up! i have picked up stitches before when i made a few different handbags, but they were felted, so i want to make sure i do these right (felting is very forgiving!).

woohoo! off to new york. hope everyone has a great weekend!

more progress on the hallowig!

albeit very little progress, at that!

cloudy put in her green contacts to match the lime-slime hallowig. *snicker*

boo! and here's some bad timing - i'll be in ny this weekend, camping next week end with my scout troop, and then in california during this. i'm so bummed! chelsea posted about this great idea for bloggers up there to meet - make your own blog bag! this looks totally cool!

i think i'm going to make a booga bag using this colorway of noro kureyon:


wendy is working on "butterfly" using this colorway, and it just made me go and get that very same shade for my booga bag. i'm psyched! i just bought the yarn at for only $5. something a skein; with shipping, it came out to be about $8 each (i bought three). i think this is a good deal (found out about it via knittyreader's forum). if it isn't a good deal, don't tell me. i'd like to think i did something frugal today!

September 29, 2004

up to no good

separated at birth

the berroco model:

and maria from the apprentice:

it kinda reminds me of susan's blog , what with her pictures of the hallowig and the lazytown girl and all.

our dishwasher's broken. i don't know what's going on, but it won't drain. so that's kinda gross. i took it apart today and found nothing blocking it, but then again i couldn't get in the drain, either. that made no sense. it's 10:48 p.m. that's why! it's been a long day.

on another note, ever hear of
these ?

they're leprosy bandages that you knit and then send away (and they then in turn get sent to people in India, i believe, with leprosy). apparently these knitted (or they can be crocheted) ones last longer than gauze ones, plus they can be sterilized and re-used. if i ever get this homeschooled kids' knitting club started, it'd be a great first community service project. has anyone ever knitted some of these and sent them away?

tummy's a-growlin' - time for graham crackers and diet dr. pepper! yeehaw!!!!!!

my favorite meal!

tonight, mike had to work late, and the kids picked out kiddie tv dinners for themselves, so i decided to make my favorite meal - tofu and peanuts! doesn't it just make your mouth water?

i got the recipe from the wife of one of my college professors. when we were vegetarians, we had this a lot. it's yummilicious!

here's the recipe:
1 cake firm tofu, rinsed off and diced
1/2 c. diced green pepper
1-2 tsp. minced garlic
1/2 c. dry roasted peanuts

saute the above in about 4 T. oil until it looks like it's been sauted. then add this sauce, which you have already mixed together:
1/4 cup sherry
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 T. molasses
1 T. vinegar
4 tsp. cornstarch

reduce heat and let it simmer till sauce has thickened. serve over steamed rice. oh yeah!!!!

mike now hates tofu (apparently he always did, but never told me), so i sometimes make this for him with chicken and broccoli in it instead.

in other news, i finished saltpork's other sleeve. now it's time to make it up! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 28, 2004

my tongue hurts

i have one of those raised tastebud things on the side of my tongue, so i'm talking as if i have an orthodontic appliance in my mouth. it sounds kinda cool.

ever hear an alpaca? turn on your speakers and visit here

easy patterns and llama spit

well, since i am nearing completion with the sirdar sweater pattern, and i had the chance to look through some others last night at the lys, i'm wondering which patterns out there are the most knitter-friendly. in other words, which pattern companies make the easiest-to-understand patterns? i really enjoyed this sirdar pattern (and you can see below, i bought two more - only 50 cents each!). i like fiber trends patterns for hats and handbags. i'm also a seamstress (in other words, i like to sew - if i put "i'm a sewer," that'd just sound gross). some patterns i really like, like mccall's and butterick. but i find that simplicity is just not simple, so i don't buy many of their patterns. so anyway, if anyone has any preferences, please let me know! are there any others out there that are pretty decent to understand?

today we made a countdown chain (just construction paper links) to countdown until our trip to california. okay, i am excited! however, this thursday we're headed up to upstate new york to visit some relatives on mike's side. his aunt and uncle bought a cabin up near the st. lawrence river, i guess it's the 1000 islands area? i don't know much about it, but i hear we're going to visit "boldt castle." anyone ever been there?

something exciting to share! mike's grandma (up in oneida, ny) said there are a few alpaca farms that sell alpaca yarn. um, hello!!!!!!!!! i'm there. yippee-ki-yay!

mike is deathly afraid of llamas, since one spit on him when he was little. i wonder if alpacas spit on people, too?

to answer questions:
lisa - i think the skirted cat down there might be metrosexual, or yeah, he's doin' it up gladiator style. :p

susan - i could go nuts with all the patterns on the internet! did you see how there are a few errors in the pumpkin washcloth pattern? check out the (k1, p1) and (p1, k1) sections that are at the end of each row - they should alternate, but some rows don't.

stacy - that's so cool that you were homeschooled for 12 years! it's good to hear that you lived to tell about it. it'll be encouraging for my daughter to hear! :p

September 27, 2004

a fun time was had by all

except for my mama! she had a headache, so she couldn't come to our knitting class tonight. wah! i still had fun, though. we learned how to put together the raglan portions of the sweater, which was pretty cool with a capital awesome. i managed to do a little shoppin . . .

got some patterns:

legend dk #5709 by sirdar

stampata #5008 by sirdar

a shell and shawl by artful yarns (using cinema)

and a plymouth pattern, IN20 - "family pullover with shawl collar and pouch." couldn't find a pic to post. finding plymouth patterns on the web is nearly impossible.

i also manhandled the new plymouth baby alpaca grande. the colors are so warm, and it feels so dreamy:

i love #3317.

they also had a bunch of debbie bliss wool cotton on sale for $3.5o a ball. if i had any ideas of what to use it for, i'd get some. i mean, that's a good deal!

now, for other news: i love halloween. wanna hear a story? when i was 3, we lived in west virginia for a year. my mama decided that we could have a halloween party. i was a witch, complete with big tall pointy black cardboard hat. we jazzed it up with some halloween stickers. anyway, it came time to take everyone home. i started to crawl in the backseat of our plymouth fury, but mama objected, saying she wouldn't be able to see out the rearview mirror if my witch's hat was on. so for whatever reason, she decided to put it on the roof of the car. as in the outside of the car. why couldn't i just hold it on my lap? i don't know if my 3 y/o mind thought of asking this. anyway, i forgot all about it. i probably fell asleep in the car. the next morning, we looked out on the road, and there was my witch's hat - flattened like a possum pancake. mama!!!!

aren't these cute:

the little guy on the left end is so cute! i can just hear him now: meoooooooow.


the pumpkin washcloth: the sequel

thanks everyone for the kind comments about the pumpkin washcloth. a few of you had questions, so here are a few answers!

to Susan: i used a size 8. i think my pumpkin looks a little wider than the one in the pattern, so maybe your smaller one would be better! (p.s. i got the washcloth pattern link from your blog - thanks!!!)

to knittens: it was just some "sugar and creme" yarn, you know, the dishcloth yarn. i think someone had it on sale for 79 cents a ball, and i think i might be getting 2 dishcloths out of one ball.

i think making a black one would be cool, although i wonder if the black would run. i once made some christmas-y washcloths, and the red on the same type of yarn ran and turned it pink. kinda weird, huh?

in other news, my co-op class went really well. the kids were awesome, and i had a great time! 7 more weeks to go. hope everyone's having a great day. i think we're about to be hit by jeanne.

September 26, 2004

picture problems

photobucket's having some issues, so you won't see many pictures on my site for who knows how long. good luck, photobucket!

edited to add: i think they fixed it! woohoo!

here she is, miss pumpkin washcloth

i took a break from knitting saltpork to work on this cute little number, right in time for the fall:

it was a fun saturday night project. now i'm going to work on the ole sleeve for saltpork for tomorrow night's class. one of the ladies in the class told me that if i had the sweater finished, she wouldn't talk to me (!). the teacher said, "well, i'll talk to you!", so i'm going for the teacher talk and not sour student.

tomorrow morning is our co-op class. i think i'd said, i'm teaching intro to lit to homeschooled kids that are in grades 7 through 11. i was an english and spanish high school teacher for five years before quitting to be more family-oriented. it'll be nice to use ye olde degree. anyway, i've chosen to focus on short stories tomorrow, and we'll be reading "gift of the magi" by o. henry. i am looking forward to it, but i'm also looking forward to the minute it's over. know that feeling?

September 25, 2004

knittin' updates

well, i have officially finished the front, back, and one sleeve of saltpork. i'll post pics once i've blocked it. i also started on one of the pumpkin washcloths. my eyes feel like they're being held open by toothpicks. or maybe knitting needles. time for shut eye!


thanks to stacy for having a stash giveaway! i won!!! i'll be the lucky recipient of a bunch of different lion brand yarns. I will probably end up using it with my kids' knitting group. thanks, stacy! and have a great time in new england!!!

out of the mouths of babes

Marah (my dd): What's mom doing downstairs?
Mike (my dh): Knitting.
Marah: Why does she do something that makes her swear so much?


and you have to check out mayflowr's ungigi - and check out the new name she ascribed to it! great job!!!

September 24, 2004

stash, not trash

well, i went and got some orange sugar and creme yarn so i can make some of those cute pumpkin washcloths. since i love orange and pumpkins, it's a fun thing to work on! they're mostly all presents for others.

i found this other really soft yarn at jo-ann's tonite. it's called angel hair by sensations, and it's a wool/acrylic/nylon blend. it feels incredibly soft. i bought two skeins; not sure what i'm going to do with it, b/c there's only 120 yds per skein. but i had a bucket hat (chicknits) in mind. i'd have to pair it up with something else, though, in the worsted weight family.

and last, but not least, i got some red heart kids for a certain hallowig! i think i'm joining the hallowig along. now that i have the yarn, i have no excuse really!

feeling kinda stressed out tonight. i have a lot to prepare for this upcoming class i'm teaching for our homeschool co-op. it'll be fun, but it's just one more thing on the schedule, you know? oh well!

September 23, 2004

my crapalog

it came! it came! it finally came! my patternworks catalog. i saw the title sticking out of marah's arms after she came back from the mailbox.

but wait! what's this?

a huge tear that runs throughout the entire catalog! check it out:

it was still a little legible, but not easily so. the kind lady at patternworks said she'd send me another one (i called right away!) this would be another case of what my dh calls "knitting 911", as in a major emergency. well, it isn't major, but it ranks up there in my list of knitting maladies.

i finished a sleeve for saltpork while gabe was at gymnastics last night. this morning i started the front portion. i've decided that i will rip out the back part. i don't want to say, "yeah, i made this sweater. i also made this mistake on said sweater." i just want to say the first part.

i have to add here that i am 109% addicted to
big money at give it a try. it will devour your life.

so anyway, here's some pix of the afghan i'm working on - in caron one pound. the color is cape cod blue. here's a detail

and just a shot to show what i've done so far:

lastly, check out this shot - it's fall, right? then why is my oriental apple tree blooming (something it only does in the spring)?

what in the world?!

September 22, 2004

little Gabe and a sleeve

well, in knitting news, i am almost done with a sleeve of saltpork. i'm really amazed at how easy this project is - although i have yet to put the thing together. i wonder if that's going to be the hard part!?

in non-knitting news, gabe, my 5/y ds, is still undiagnosed. he has had this illness where he gets a fever every 21-28 days, and it lasts 3-5 days. he's had this for four years almost, and no one knows what's going on. we finally found a doctor who knows what it could be, but now we have to narrow it down from a possible five or six things, such as PFAPA, Crohn's Disease, TRAPS (which is a genetic thing, people with Irish or Dutch heritage), or Hyper IgD. i'm thankful that at least we've found someone who isn't dismissing us with "it's just a virus," but now is the hard work - finding a solution to this lengthy, weakening problem. when he's well, you'd never know there's ever anything wrong. when he's sick, he gets really weak and pitiful. it certainly has me stymied.

is anyone out there doing the hallowig along? here's the link, and here's a photo:
i think it looks cute, funny, and just plain weird. (oh yeah, it's in the latest knitty). i have a ton on my wip/planned work list, but i might just give in and make one for myself - in ORANGE, no less!

September 21, 2004

whoa, mama!

little mama was very excited about her work last night. she finished the ribbing on her sweater and was working her way through the stockinette stitch in no time. every time i looked at her, she had this expression on her face:

now that's one excited knitter!

our teacher, sandy, helped me figure out what i did wrong to make that weirdo stripe in my sweater. i used to have a bad habit of wrapping the yarn clockwise instead of counterly so when purling. when i was working on that portion of the sweater, i was watchingThe Others and got caught up in the plot - enough to make me slip into my old habit. Argh!

Now I just have to decide if I'm going to frog or let it go.

In other news, I really hate it when cereal scrapes the roof of my mouth. And tonight's the finale of big brother 5. I'm psyched (but sad that it's the last one!)!!!

September 20, 2004


here are two pics from my day today. so far, anyway. you might consider them a contrast, if you are not a fan of the second shot.

here's my sweetie, enjoying a sunny nap in an heirloom cradle:

and here's a portion of my lunch. i'm thinking "yummm!" but not many people like these, so:

so maybe it's a contrast for you. to me, they go together very well. in order to get gabe to eat brussels sprouts, i have to call them "alien heads." marah refuses one way or the other. i could call them "neopets" and she still would turn up her nose. hmph!

September 19, 2004


sometimes, all i need is the air that i breathe and to love you.

okay, does this mean that eating and drinking are out of the question?

mike's gone for three days. wah. i have knitting class tomorrow night. woohoo! do these two cancel each other out? no. i'd rather have mike home than go to knitting class.

actually, i'd rather have mike home AND then i'd go to knitting class.


mike could go to knitting class with me.

no, that wouldn't work. i'm sorry.

here's a question: is it really true that glass is a liquid?

in knitting news: i started a sleeve on my sweater. my sweater doesn't have a fun name like most of them do. i don't even know who made the pattern. there is no designer name on the copies we got. i'm hoping that isn't an omen. i'll name it now: saltpork.

so saltpork has a back portion and part of a sleeve done. it is pretty easy at this point. but could that might mean that i'm not understanding it right? if saltpork comes out with a nice ribbed sleeve for my navel, we'll have an answer.

September 18, 2004

help! i need somebody!

okay, so i finished the back portion of the sweater. i felt really accomplished - did the raglan portion all by my lonesome. yay michelle. but THEN i saw it (play typical horror music) - some weird strip in the middle of the sweater. it appears that i must've knitted with a different tension when i started a new skein, and you can see this horizontal band in the sweater. i don't know if you can make it out really well here or not:

do i rip? is there another way to get out of this? wah.

i think this one knit blog is talking about it, but there aren't any suggestions on how to fix it once it's done.

anyway. if anyone has any suggestions or knows what i'm talking about, let me know!

September 17, 2004

i like this:

"bijoux" from Oat Couture.

and i just bought this pattern:

"gigi" from chicknits

if anyone ever did any of these, please let me know how they went!
so here's the sweater, so far. it's the back portion. the pattern calls for a ribbing section of 2.5", but i reduced it to 2". then, it calls for 11" of stockinette up the back, but i made it 13.5". the sweater was a short cropped one, but i like 'em longer. i'm going to start the sleeves tonight. i'd like to finish the back, but i feel like if i continue on my own, what if i do something wrong? i know - frog! rip! i might just give it a whirl, depending on how bold i feel tomorrow.

there's this commercial for a doll called "twinkleberry," and i thought they were saying "dingleberry." now that's a doll i don't want to see.

california here i come

well, in a few weeks i'll be heading to california for a disneyland visit. we normally go to disneyworld in fla, but mike wanted to do something different this year. we aren't huge disney freaks. i think we just always pick a disney location because we know it'll be kid-friendly, plus the magic of a disney vacation really does make you forget worries for awhile. anyway, we'll be staying in anaheim, and i'm researching the area to see what yarn shops are out there.

now, of course i realize we'll be near la and that means i may rub elbows with knitting celebrities. this doesn't particularly excite me, mostly because that will probably mean the yarn that i'd want to buy in that celebrity-laden shop will be five times as much as i'd normally pay. but the excitement of just getting to a new state (esp. one i've never visited before) and scanning the area's yarn shops makes the upcoming vaca that much more thrilling!

i have some pics of my sweater coming up. it's coming along!

September 15, 2004

a little better

well, after some motrin for my achiness and a cat nap this afternoon, i'm feeling a little better. marah had swimming lessons and gabe had gymnastics, so i was able to work a little bit more on the back section of my sweater. it is going well, and i'm really surprised by that. sweaters intimidate me. hopefully i can make that intimidated very soon.

i have to say, i cannot be patient any longer. it's the o.c. i mean, come on. the season premiere is in november?!?!? i have waited forever, it seems. any other addicts out there?

having just read lisa's blog about not having cable for six months b/c they aren't a tv-watching kind of family, i just feel nothing but envy. i'm a very addictive kind of person. i don't mean people get addicted to me, i mean i get addicted to things easily. legal things, mind you. my current addictions include some reality tv, knitting (duh), and diet dr. pepper. if they ever stop making diet dr. pepper, fill in the blank with your choice of tragic ending for me.

well, i mean, i could live without it, but i would prefer not to (said bartleby the scrivener).

i'm hoping to make another afghan - got the yarn, got the pattern. got the time? not i, said the goat.


throat hurts, body hurts, head hurts . . . bleh

September 14, 2004


well, i felted de bag! i felted de bag!

here 'tis - before:


and after:

that cloudy better not even think about it!

last night's knitting class was pretty fun. i was very tired, though, so i was getting dizzy while ribbing. here's a pic of the yarn and my start on the ribbed hem:

i'm using encore chunky in a brown/navy tweed blend (#1444). my mom is taking it with me and is doing a light sage color. wish us luck!

September 13, 2004

cheese puffies

what do you call them? we grew up calling them cheesies, but i guess the proper term is cheese doodles or cheese puffies. anyway, i just had some for lunch, and they are white cheddar. the bag calls them "cheese puffYS." white cheddar not only tastes great, but all of the unmistakeable evidence isn't all over your fingers.

thanks to everyone for their comments. i love 'em. every now and then my dh will leave a really wacko comment. it's good to know he's reading and maintaining his typical wonky person.

i start my sweater knitting class tonight. i'm so excited, but also a little nervous. why, you ask? well, my head is about to explode with all of the things i have to do lately, and i'm really worried that i won't be able to keep up b/c i'll be too busy at home to knit (that almost seemed like treason or blasphemy, saying that).

oh well. i guess it's better than being bored, which i hear does occasionally have its merits.

i'm almost done with the ole felted tote. i just need to graft my straps together, felt, and voile. it's kitchener stitch time! woohoo!

September 12, 2004

quirky yarn shops

where i live, there are four lys's:

  • lys #1 is in such disarray that the fire department threatened to close it down due to fire hazards (bags of yarn block the aisles). yet this place has an incredible selection, and the owner is very knowledgeable.
  • lys #2 is very well-organized, has an okay selection, very helpful staff, but the problem i have with them is that if they have a model of a pattern that they knitted up, you can only buy the pattern if you also purchase the yarn. this is a problem for me, mainly because i can afford a $4 pattern now but not necessarily the $80 in yarn right now, so i'd at least like to buy what i can before it's long gone. (and i have searched the web for this pattern and cannot find it anywhere - not even on the manufacturer's page. oh, what's with the secrecy - it's plymouth yarn #s214).
  • lys #3 has a great selection with a very knowledgeable staff, but they are rather yarn-snobby there. i had commented that i had wished that the pocketbook flap of a felted bag that i had knitted with noro kureyon had come out in one of the other stripes of color that were present and prominent in the rest of the bag, and the saleslady there said, "but then it would be all red-hearty, ew." oh. (the bag is in one of these posts somewhere)
  • lys #4 has it all - good selection, good organization. however, the store is the size of my powder room (and that ain't big).

    so anyway. i saw a great stole that was done up in lys #2 using firenze with boucle, and it was gorgeous. it was so packed in there, though, so i didn't check it out. i'm taking a sweater class there tomorrow night so i'm hoping i can get a better look at it then.

    i'm psyched to do a sweater! woohoo! are they really easier than socks?

    (p.s. to lauren - thanks for your kind comments! stop by again soon!)

September 10, 2004

sentimental journey

did you ever have one of those moments or hours when you think about where you grew up and how it seems like another world from the one you're in now?

i went and visited my grandmother the other day. she's in a nursing home. this was the first time i walked in and she looked at me with a vacant look. i think i'm only realizing it now.

she didn't know who i was.

when i got up to her wheelchair, she said hi, but only because we were standing right there, looking at her (marah and gabe came along). she would then drift in and out of recognition, sometimes calling me "shell" (my childhood nickname), and sometimes calling marah "shell." she thinks everyone that died is still alive. did i see uncle pete lately? willie and brian took some puzzles upstairs and she doesn't know where they got them.

they're all gone, some of them long gone.

when you're there in the presence of someone who has just always been there, and suddenly you aren't "there" to them, it isn't as devastating until you go home and really think about it.

i researched baltimore, where i was born, and looked up dundalk, our little town outside of the city. here's some pictures, for the sake of family who read this (and maybe anyone else out there who knows the area):

here's the circle burger. they had good burgers. now it's a pizza place or something.

this is a picture of how the old shopping strip used to look:

they used to have a restaurant there called the "white coffee pot." i did NOT like their food, but i liked going there with granny and pop. they also had a kresge's, who made great grilled cheese. where did the old five-and-ten's go?

here's the goodwill, where granny and i bought my scarlett o'hara halloween costume:

and here's the checkerboard tower, which used to be by the eastpoint mall:

this all seems alien to me, or dreamed up. yet these places, when i was little, meant i was home. although they all look different now, and some are even gone, they are still home. i'm hoping that in some way, even though "shell" is gone to granny, one flicker of recognition upon seeing my face will bring a sense of "home" to granny, too.

yay or nay?

okay, denise interchangeable needles - yay or nay?

one of my knitting teachers said that they don't stay together well. so i was thinking, "nay." but i've heard so many people talking about their own set, and not in a negative way, so i wondered if i should change to "yay."

really that should be spelled "yea," but then someone might think i was saying "yeah," which i wasn't.

i think i can, i think i can . . .

i am almost done! it's the felted bag. i love doing it, but man, you know? i'm not the type to put something aside and begin something else. i have to finish a project before i begin another. i can't have more than two wip's or i feel overwhelmed and i just have to walk away from it all. i don't know how some of you do it, with your ten wip's!

here's my progress:


September 09, 2004

knittin' books

i like reading knitting books and mags when i'm eating breakfast or lying in bed at night. this is what i'm currently reading:

i see there's also a second edition, KnitLit Too. something else to add to my amazon wish list. i just added that knitting patterns calendar. hopefully my darling husband will take note! (or i'll send him my wishlist a few hundred more times until he does!)

excuses, excuses

i would've posted yesterday but there were blogger problems, plus i didn't have anything really interesting to say. now that builds any reader up to think that this post will be really interesting, when in truth, i don't know that i have anything interesting to say!

the lovely marah just walked in, groggy. we should be starting school soon. i like to start by 9:30. when her public school friends hear this they hate her for a second.

does anyone watch amish in the city? it's really good. i live in amish country in PA, and the show was almost banned here b/c they were worried that it would insult the amish. that's funny to me, b/c we rely on the amish for a lot of our buckage via the tourism route, so to be mad at one exploitation but rely on the other just smacks of hypocrisy to me. (was that an interesting post?)

here's some knitting news: we went into our lys to pick out yarn for the sweater class. btw, i'm not really fond of the sweater they have chosen for us to knit. it's short, the bottom of it is a really thick ribbed chunk, which i don't like, and it's a type of mock turtleneck. none of these appeal to me, but if i'm going to learn to knit a sweater, then i guess i have to do it. i'm going to lengthen it and appeal to the teacher to be able to make the bottom ribbing smaller. i swear, it's like 8 inches long. and the whole sweater is about 10", so maybe you can see my point. i thought it might be either a debbie bliss or sirdar pattern, but i can't tell until they put it in my hands. anyway, i thought maybe i'd make the sweater for marah, so we showed her the kool kids yarn, and she gave it raspberries, right in front of the saleslady, who looked perturbed. it was a major embarrassing moment. i don't care much for kool kids either, but i save my raspberries for when i am in the privacy of my blog. *pfffffffffffft* (those were my raspberries)

September 07, 2004

me and you and a dog named boo

i'm hooked on reality tv. my week revolves around it. how sad is that!? tonite is big brother, and then the new real world. last night it was road rules. i keep saying how i want to get rid of the tv because my kids watch it too much, but i think i'd be a wreck without it.

well, in knitting news, i am up to the straps on the big humongo felted bag project and only completed four more rounds on the tassled hat for my other niece (with the bigger head). i just bought the pattern for Gigi and am excited to read through it and begin it. i know there was a Gigi-along and i probably missed it, but that's just as well. i did help a little neighbor girl along with her first knitting project, which was very cool. still thinking about the knitting club for kids. if i include kids who don't know how to knit but want to learn, i'd have to make sure that there are plenty of knitters already there. otherwise i'll be pulled in a kazillion directions and not be able to devote the proper time to each person. if anyone has any ideas, please share! !

p.s. the title for today's post has nothing to do with the post itself. the song was just going through my head.

September 06, 2004

Here's the extent of my felted knitting bag that I posted about below. I love working with Lamb's Pride. Gabe stuck his red panda doll in the picture to make it more interesting. Posted by Hello

Here's Gabe in the Tassled Hat (from Maggie's Rags) that I did up last night with size 8 circs (16") and some leftover Encore worsted weight. If it'll fit his head, it should fit one of my nieces. Woohoo! Posted by Hello

Today I'm pleased as punch to be able to work on my current WIP, my huge felted knitting bag from Painted Spring Designs. It's supposed to look like this:

I'm doing it with Lamb's Pride in Spruce (M52). I'm at the part now where I have to knit in the round for twenty inches. This is good busywork for when I'm waiting at piano lessons or gymnastics for the kids. Woohoo! It's for my sister for Christmas. She wants some eyelash at the top. I'll think about it!

September 05, 2004

here is cloudy ket-ket. she's just a-waitin' for me to look away so she can attack an unsuspecting gabe. Posted by Hello

demon cat says hi

cloudy must know when i'm about to take her picture. she just keeps running away and the camera freezes and gets her mid-move. anyway, that's her up there, my babygirl.

this was just one of those days where things bug you but you don't know why. i read about that horrible atrocity over at the russian school, and the last line in the article talked about a little boy who had blond curls and pale skin, who lay there, dead. it made me think of my precious babies, particularly gabe, who has blond curls and pale skin, and it angers me that people are so cold. cold seems to be an understatement. i'd swear but family reads this.

anyway, i was trying to knit up a kid's hat today for my niece using this pattern i downloaded last night, and all went well until gabe came down and asked a million questions. well, i was watching my knitting and watching lifetime, and i had all these questions to answer, and i ended up forgetting where i was in my hat pattern, and i had a lot of frogging to do, which bummed me out. but then i felt guilty for being upset. i mean, the mom of the little blond russian boy would give anything to be peppered with his questions right now.

sometimes getting a pattern right or finishing a handbag strap just isn't important.

September 04, 2004