the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 17, 2004

california here i come

well, in a few weeks i'll be heading to california for a disneyland visit. we normally go to disneyworld in fla, but mike wanted to do something different this year. we aren't huge disney freaks. i think we just always pick a disney location because we know it'll be kid-friendly, plus the magic of a disney vacation really does make you forget worries for awhile. anyway, we'll be staying in anaheim, and i'm researching the area to see what yarn shops are out there.

now, of course i realize we'll be near la and that means i may rub elbows with knitting celebrities. this doesn't particularly excite me, mostly because that will probably mean the yarn that i'd want to buy in that celebrity-laden shop will be five times as much as i'd normally pay. but the excitement of just getting to a new state (esp. one i've never visited before) and scanning the area's yarn shops makes the upcoming vaca that much more thrilling!

i have some pics of my sweater coming up. it's coming along!