the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 13, 2004

cheese puffies

what do you call them? we grew up calling them cheesies, but i guess the proper term is cheese doodles or cheese puffies. anyway, i just had some for lunch, and they are white cheddar. the bag calls them "cheese puffYS." white cheddar not only tastes great, but all of the unmistakeable evidence isn't all over your fingers.

thanks to everyone for their comments. i love 'em. every now and then my dh will leave a really wacko comment. it's good to know he's reading and maintaining his typical wonky person.

i start my sweater knitting class tonight. i'm so excited, but also a little nervous. why, you ask? well, my head is about to explode with all of the things i have to do lately, and i'm really worried that i won't be able to keep up b/c i'll be too busy at home to knit (that almost seemed like treason or blasphemy, saying that).

oh well. i guess it's better than being bored, which i hear does occasionally have its merits.

i'm almost done with the ole felted tote. i just need to graft my straps together, felt, and voile. it's kitchener stitch time! woohoo!