the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 05, 2004

demon cat says hi

cloudy must know when i'm about to take her picture. she just keeps running away and the camera freezes and gets her mid-move. anyway, that's her up there, my babygirl.

this was just one of those days where things bug you but you don't know why. i read about that horrible atrocity over at the russian school, and the last line in the article talked about a little boy who had blond curls and pale skin, who lay there, dead. it made me think of my precious babies, particularly gabe, who has blond curls and pale skin, and it angers me that people are so cold. cold seems to be an understatement. i'd swear but family reads this.

anyway, i was trying to knit up a kid's hat today for my niece using this pattern i downloaded last night, and all went well until gabe came down and asked a million questions. well, i was watching my knitting and watching lifetime, and i had all these questions to answer, and i ended up forgetting where i was in my hat pattern, and i had a lot of frogging to do, which bummed me out. but then i felt guilty for being upset. i mean, the mom of the little blond russian boy would give anything to be peppered with his questions right now.

sometimes getting a pattern right or finishing a handbag strap just isn't important.