the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 28, 2004

easy patterns and llama spit

well, since i am nearing completion with the sirdar sweater pattern, and i had the chance to look through some others last night at the lys, i'm wondering which patterns out there are the most knitter-friendly. in other words, which pattern companies make the easiest-to-understand patterns? i really enjoyed this sirdar pattern (and you can see below, i bought two more - only 50 cents each!). i like fiber trends patterns for hats and handbags. i'm also a seamstress (in other words, i like to sew - if i put "i'm a sewer," that'd just sound gross). some patterns i really like, like mccall's and butterick. but i find that simplicity is just not simple, so i don't buy many of their patterns. so anyway, if anyone has any preferences, please let me know! are there any others out there that are pretty decent to understand?

today we made a countdown chain (just construction paper links) to countdown until our trip to california. okay, i am excited! however, this thursday we're headed up to upstate new york to visit some relatives on mike's side. his aunt and uncle bought a cabin up near the st. lawrence river, i guess it's the 1000 islands area? i don't know much about it, but i hear we're going to visit "boldt castle." anyone ever been there?

something exciting to share! mike's grandma (up in oneida, ny) said there are a few alpaca farms that sell alpaca yarn. um, hello!!!!!!!!! i'm there. yippee-ki-yay!

mike is deathly afraid of llamas, since one spit on him when he was little. i wonder if alpacas spit on people, too?

to answer questions:
lisa - i think the skirted cat down there might be metrosexual, or yeah, he's doin' it up gladiator style. :p

susan - i could go nuts with all the patterns on the internet! did you see how there are a few errors in the pumpkin washcloth pattern? check out the (k1, p1) and (p1, k1) sections that are at the end of each row - they should alternate, but some rows don't.

stacy - that's so cool that you were homeschooled for 12 years! it's good to hear that you lived to tell about it. it'll be encouraging for my daughter to hear! :p