the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 09, 2004

excuses, excuses

i would've posted yesterday but there were blogger problems, plus i didn't have anything really interesting to say. now that builds any reader up to think that this post will be really interesting, when in truth, i don't know that i have anything interesting to say!

the lovely marah just walked in, groggy. we should be starting school soon. i like to start by 9:30. when her public school friends hear this they hate her for a second.

does anyone watch amish in the city? it's really good. i live in amish country in PA, and the show was almost banned here b/c they were worried that it would insult the amish. that's funny to me, b/c we rely on the amish for a lot of our buckage via the tourism route, so to be mad at one exploitation but rely on the other just smacks of hypocrisy to me. (was that an interesting post?)

here's some knitting news: we went into our lys to pick out yarn for the sweater class. btw, i'm not really fond of the sweater they have chosen for us to knit. it's short, the bottom of it is a really thick ribbed chunk, which i don't like, and it's a type of mock turtleneck. none of these appeal to me, but if i'm going to learn to knit a sweater, then i guess i have to do it. i'm going to lengthen it and appeal to the teacher to be able to make the bottom ribbing smaller. i swear, it's like 8 inches long. and the whole sweater is about 10", so maybe you can see my point. i thought it might be either a debbie bliss or sirdar pattern, but i can't tell until they put it in my hands. anyway, i thought maybe i'd make the sweater for marah, so we showed her the kool kids yarn, and she gave it raspberries, right in front of the saleslady, who looked perturbed. it was a major embarrassing moment. i don't care much for kool kids either, but i save my raspberries for when i am in the privacy of my blog. *pfffffffffffft* (those were my raspberries)