the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 15, 2004

a little better

well, after some motrin for my achiness and a cat nap this afternoon, i'm feeling a little better. marah had swimming lessons and gabe had gymnastics, so i was able to work a little bit more on the back section of my sweater. it is going well, and i'm really surprised by that. sweaters intimidate me. hopefully i can make that intimidated very soon.

i have to say, i cannot be patient any longer. it's the o.c. i mean, come on. the season premiere is in november?!?!? i have waited forever, it seems. any other addicts out there?

having just read lisa's blog about not having cable for six months b/c they aren't a tv-watching kind of family, i just feel nothing but envy. i'm a very addictive kind of person. i don't mean people get addicted to me, i mean i get addicted to things easily. legal things, mind you. my current addictions include some reality tv, knitting (duh), and diet dr. pepper. if they ever stop making diet dr. pepper, fill in the blank with your choice of tragic ending for me.

well, i mean, i could live without it, but i would prefer not to (said bartleby the scrivener).

i'm hoping to make another afghan - got the yarn, got the pattern. got the time? not i, said the goat.