the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 07, 2004

me and you and a dog named boo

i'm hooked on reality tv. my week revolves around it. how sad is that!? tonite is big brother, and then the new real world. last night it was road rules. i keep saying how i want to get rid of the tv because my kids watch it too much, but i think i'd be a wreck without it.

well, in knitting news, i am up to the straps on the big humongo felted bag project and only completed four more rounds on the tassled hat for my other niece (with the bigger head). i just bought the pattern for Gigi and am excited to read through it and begin it. i know there was a Gigi-along and i probably missed it, but that's just as well. i did help a little neighbor girl along with her first knitting project, which was very cool. still thinking about the knitting club for kids. if i include kids who don't know how to knit but want to learn, i'd have to make sure that there are plenty of knitters already there. otherwise i'll be pulled in a kazillion directions and not be able to devote the proper time to each person. if anyone has any ideas, please share! !

p.s. the title for today's post has nothing to do with the post itself. the song was just going through my head.