the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 27, 2004

the pumpkin washcloth: the sequel

thanks everyone for the kind comments about the pumpkin washcloth. a few of you had questions, so here are a few answers!

to Susan: i used a size 8. i think my pumpkin looks a little wider than the one in the pattern, so maybe your smaller one would be better! (p.s. i got the washcloth pattern link from your blog - thanks!!!)

to knittens: it was just some "sugar and creme" yarn, you know, the dishcloth yarn. i think someone had it on sale for 79 cents a ball, and i think i might be getting 2 dishcloths out of one ball.

i think making a black one would be cool, although i wonder if the black would run. i once made some christmas-y washcloths, and the red on the same type of yarn ran and turned it pink. kinda weird, huh?

in other news, my co-op class went really well. the kids were awesome, and i had a great time! 7 more weeks to go. hope everyone's having a great day. i think we're about to be hit by jeanne.