the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 12, 2004

quirky yarn shops

where i live, there are four lys's:

  • lys #1 is in such disarray that the fire department threatened to close it down due to fire hazards (bags of yarn block the aisles). yet this place has an incredible selection, and the owner is very knowledgeable.
  • lys #2 is very well-organized, has an okay selection, very helpful staff, but the problem i have with them is that if they have a model of a pattern that they knitted up, you can only buy the pattern if you also purchase the yarn. this is a problem for me, mainly because i can afford a $4 pattern now but not necessarily the $80 in yarn right now, so i'd at least like to buy what i can before it's long gone. (and i have searched the web for this pattern and cannot find it anywhere - not even on the manufacturer's page. oh, what's with the secrecy - it's plymouth yarn #s214).
  • lys #3 has a great selection with a very knowledgeable staff, but they are rather yarn-snobby there. i had commented that i had wished that the pocketbook flap of a felted bag that i had knitted with noro kureyon had come out in one of the other stripes of color that were present and prominent in the rest of the bag, and the saleslady there said, "but then it would be all red-hearty, ew." oh. (the bag is in one of these posts somewhere)
  • lys #4 has it all - good selection, good organization. however, the store is the size of my powder room (and that ain't big).

    so anyway. i saw a great stole that was done up in lys #2 using firenze with boucle, and it was gorgeous. it was so packed in there, though, so i didn't check it out. i'm taking a sweater class there tomorrow night so i'm hoping i can get a better look at it then.

    i'm psyched to do a sweater! woohoo! are they really easier than socks?

    (p.s. to lauren - thanks for your kind comments! stop by again soon!)