the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

September 01, 2004

a sad, bad day for tummies

my tummy hurts. i don't know why. i started off the day great - it smelled like campgrounds outside, i was playing ball . . . i don't know. *sigh* and *owww*

anyway. i'm posting pics of other FOs that i finished pre-blog. two purses - i have done seven purses now, mostly from Fiber Trends patterns. I gave two away, use three, and have two still hanging in my room, waiting to be given. i can't seem to part with them, although i should, but it's hard when one of your motivations for living is a new purse.

that's just sad.

anyway, i held a snake yesterday, but it was just a little baby one. it was very unthreatening. it's the only snake i will ever hold.

i finished working on my Skacel Fabio chenille scarf. I must say, me no likey. I guess I just expected it to be longer; I remember a longer model one at the shop where I bought the yarn. I like the fringe on it. I like how it feels. But I like long scarves. Mike said to give it to someone short. I will do just that.

I'm starting up a kids' knitting club for the homeschoolers in my area. I've taught two and a half kids how to knit (the half b/c the one quit and didn't want to do it anymore - couldn't be my precious Marah now, could it???) and feel pretty confident in doing that. If anyone has any ideas about it, post a comment.

Bye and stuff.