the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

October 31, 2004

bolus and candy

well, trick or treat came and went, and marah put on the hallowig. then she took it off. turns out she didn't like how she looked in it. was i disappointed? yeah. but then my sister, brother-in-law, my husband, and my son all put it on and wore it for a few minutes of our candy walk, so it made me feel better. here's marah, feeling embarrassed:

and now, here's gabe doing his rendition of a skeleton whose hair follicles never stopped growing despite his lack of skin (that sounded gross):

the great news is that i finished bolus, gabe's sirdar sweater.

it was great fun. the funny part was i had done the decreasing and shaping for the right side of the v-neck, and then wondered why they didn't give directions for the left side. so i reversed the shaping and managed to make the left side of the V all by my lonesome. then, when i was putting the sweater together, i saw the left side's directions . . . on the next page. i swear, it's been that kind of week. if you've seen any of my posts in the knitters' review forum, you'd understand what i'm talking about (i'm dumb).

here's gabe, showing off his new sweater with a few of his friends!

my next major project is to make a sweater for myself for mike's company christmas party. you don't know how much i dread going to these things. i actually try to make plans for every weekend in december so that when his company announces the date of the party, i can honestly say i have other plans. they beat me to it this year. crapola. anyway, i'm on the search for a not-too-complicated, i-deserve-a-great-sweater-because-i-detest-this-party kind of sweater. if you have any ideas, you know where to find me. thanks!!!!!!!!

October 29, 2004

gotta have my pops

i am a cold cereal hound. i'm 34 and probably should be past this phase. long past it, even. but i will never, ever outgrow my love for little hard crunchy nuggets of sugared wheat/corn/rice/oats.

and we have POPS!!!!!!!!!!!

ahem. anyway, i began working on mike's birthday scarf last night while he slept. mwah ha ha ha. here's a quick glimpse:

i'm using plymouth's baby alpaca DK in a nice peaceful grey. the skein is over there on the bed and it almost looks like a little soft animal in repose.


anyway, it's one of plymouth's textured scarf patterns for their indiecita alpaca yarn. it's kinda slow going with the size sixes and all, but i'm bound and determined to have it finished for 11/4. if i don't, he'll just have to make do with an elongated alpaca hankie.

he also has requested a bunch of stuff from anime arigato , which i will be happy to begift unto him. we're an anime family! i think it would be fun if we all learned japanese together.

tonight is trick or treat, and i'm hoping the predicted drizzle fizzles. mike reminded me that we bought these huge ponchos at disneyland. the ponchos would cover up the kids' costumes, but they'd still get the candy. and that's all that matters.

my pops await!

October 27, 2004

drum roll, please (and a big glass of soda)

the hallowig, she is finished!

marah is going to wear it with her black and lime-green witch's costume on friday night for trick or treat. i'm so thrilled i finished it - and so is she! i kinda enjoyed the decreasing portion with the dpn's, although it was very frustrating when i had some stitches going awol off the ends.

cute as a button (a lime green one)

thanks to manda, i got to see the eclipse! i was dumb, though. i went out and said i couldn't see the moon at all! well, duh. it was at a total eclipse at that moment, i guess. i've always had nightmares about the moon, so it isn't my favorite object in the universe, but i do appreciate a good view of it, especially on nights like tonight, when it just illuminates the cirrus clouds with this eerie glow.

nighty night!

cute little holiday things

this one lady at knitters' review was looking for a knitted tree skirt pattern for christmas, so i searched and found a site that has tons of little christmas goodies (and easter, halloween, and valentine's day, too!) to knit up!

i'm so excited for the holidays. did anyone watch "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" last night? i sure did! the kids and i made a fun night out of it with popcorn and cozy blankies on the couch. i missed my favorite part, though - when snoopy rises slowly out of the pumpkin patch and linus faints. good grief! i love it when peanuts specials come on, but they seem so much shorter each year. marah even said last night, "that was, like, five minutes, mom!" when the show was over.

October 26, 2004

knittin' news, knittin' news, knit-knit-knit-knit-knittin' news

amanda, a great gal friend of mine, emailed me and asked if i did any knitting on my vacation. did i? oh yes, sir. oh yes. mwahahahhaha

okay, here's what i worked on:

1. gabe's bolus sweater. i had quite a time doing the shaping for the v-neck portion. i finally figured it out, no thanks to sirdar's pattern. "decrease one stitch on the neck edge on the next and every following fifth row." sounds easy now, but for whatever reason, i couldn't get the counting right. i guess all the burgers and fries had gone to my head, or i'd been on big thunder mountain way too many times. i finally got it, and was all ready to start on the second half of the v, when BANG! i ran out of yarn. i bought three skeins. it called for three. what the heck, man?!? i had to call my lys back in PA to see if they had any left. long story short, yes, but the wrong lot number. i just went in and compared my sweater to the two different lots they had left on monday, and one was just right, so i'm almost done with that second v. whoopdedingdong!!

2. booga bag - i started it, didn't finish it. i got to the "pick up the stitches" part, made the cool little moccasin shape and then stopped to work on . . .

3. a scarf for myself, that i was working with ggh's coco in shade #3, ravishing reds.

i had cast on 28 stitches, b/c i don't like skinny scarves. but in the end, 28 was too much, so last night i ripped it all out. now that those needles are free, i can begin making mike's alpaca scarf/muffler for his birthday (eeps - 11/4 - hurry!). i'm doing that in a plymouth pattern in their grey indiecita alpaca yarn.

4. i made a noro kureyon skull cap. it's kinda funny. i have two patterns bookmarked on my pc - one is for a noro skull cap, and one is for the noro kureyon one skein hat. i printed out the skull cap instead of the one skein-er. i thought it was looking kinda small when i was making it, but i thought maybe it was just an illusion or something. or maybe i'm just
stupid. anyway, when i finished it and gave it to mike as an early birthday present, well, it looked like he had a bottlecap on his head. so we gave it to gabe, who looks very awesome in it:

he is wearing pants!

while i was at the knitty gritty, i bought five skeins of
horstia tweed in shade #12, which is coral. it was actually in their bargain bin, and i had originally picked up two skeins. but the night before we left, i wondered what i'd ever do with two skeins of this wonderfully soft wool blend, so i called. they were closed! but the sweet owner, tracey, said she'd stay another half hour if i could come by then, and she'd open the door for me. thanks a bunch, tracey! i still don't know what i'll do with it. i've found a few blogs with projects done with it, namely the shapely tank, so i might consider that later in the year/spring.

i'm off now to finish gabe's v-neck and put together the raglans so i can begin his neckband.
bolus, here i come!

October 24, 2004

home sweet home

Don't get me wrong, I love to travel. But to quote the late great John Denver, "Gee, it's good to be back home again!" And awaiting me at home were two welcome sights: Cloudy, and a cold 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. Woohoo!

And now, the top ten things I loved about our California adventure:
10. Eating out for every meal and not having to do dishes (although at some point this got really old!);
9. Enjoying the warmer climate while hearing of the chills back home in PA;
8. Seeing the movie The Notebook on the flight back home (Darn those Nicholas Sparks books/movies, darn them!)
7. Getting over my fear of feeling my stomach flip, like Carly Patterson, while on a roller coaster;
6. Putting my hands in the stars' handprints at the Mann Chinese Theater;
5. Counting lots of our vacation as homeschooled days for the kids;
4. Getting an extra three hours in our day, thanks to the time zone change;
3. Finding the Knitty Gritty and being told to "go for it" by dear hubby (sad news to follow);
2. Marveling at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and how it compares to the Atlantic (they're so different!);
1. Spending ten days' worth of time with my beautiful, wonderful family.


Seriously, it was awesome that Mike didn't have to work, we didn't have to run here and there for various errands, and we could all just enjoy life and explore together.

Anyway, here are some pics!

Here's Marah and Gabe on the Small World ride (which was just like Disney World's, but longer):

Feeding the animals at San Diego's Wild Animal Park (part of the S. D. Zoo):

Look! I saw a star!

Hee, couldn't resist. Actually, we saw ONE, count 'em, ONE celebrity. It was the boy from Even Stevens (don't know his name; he has curly brown hair). He walked by while I was chomping away on an egg salad sandwich at Johnny Rockets in Hollywood.

So of course, I had to take a picture of this famous star:

*giggle* This sea star washed up on the beach near Newport.

While the weather was great for 7 of the 10 days we were there, we had rain for three of 'em. Here's a warning from the skies (above the LA skyline):

Look at how little Mary Pickford's handprints and shoeprints were:

Here's me and Mike, after he saw my receipt from the Knitty Gritty:

Oh yeah, the sad news. Well, I just got an email from the owner of the Knitty Gritty, (not personally, I joined the mailing list) stating that she's giving up the shop. It's for sale, if anyone is interested. If I had the capital and the desire to move to CA, I'd buy it! But I have neither, so . . .

California is gorgeous. The peoples are so diverse, the land is just simply stunning, with all of its mountains and open sky. And it's mega-exciting. However, I'm really, really happy to be home!

Knitting news? Yup! Maybe tomorrow. I'm exhausted and have a ton to do. Bye!

October 18, 2004

not back yet, but

just a little hello post! california is a beautiful place - albeit very busy. the traffic is a true nightmare, which doesn't make it easy to drive around and find the lys's in the area. i did manage to find one, the incredible knitty gritty, which is a wonderful little shop in anaheim with a great selection and a sweet and helpful owner. i picked up some horstia that was in the sale bin, along with some crystal palace bamboo needles, which were very dreamy to work with! i was working on gabe's sweater, aka "bolus," and noticed that i left my size 9's at home (needed for cuff and hem ribbing). darn, guess i had to buy another pair - and some bamboo ones to boot! i also picked up some patterns - for a stole and a basic pullover. i'd like to go back and get some more stuff - i saw something i'd like to send to my secret pal!

speaking of which, i heard from my KRsecret pal! woohoo! she sent me a lovely e-card. thanks, KRSP!

we have five days left here in california, and as much as i love it, i'm ready to come home to my bed, my cloudy, and my kitchen. i'm burgered-and-fried out!

i have lots of fun pics to post, but can't figure out how to hook up my camera to the laptop (hubby's computer, and he's napping right now). the highlight of the trip so far was to visit buster keaton's grave (my middle name is macabre), seeing the gorgeous landscape of san diego, and just being with the family. we're so busy at home that it's nice to slow things down and be together on this vacation.

take care, all!

October 10, 2004

keane and california

it's sure been a typical autumn sunday - heavy clouds, chilling winds, crispy air. know what i mean? it's kind of bittersweet. i like autumn, with all its orange and pumpkins and what not. but i adore summer, and this really means it's over, and it's a long ways off. *sigh*

well, we're headed to california on wednesday. i haven't said much about it, have i? i'm excited, i mean, i've never been there, and it should be awesome to have mike home without him leaving or coming home late b/c of work. we'll be there ten days. i'm sure once things wind down here i'll be more excited. i still have a homeschool class to teach tomorrow (we're starting poetry, which is 100% awesome), a girl scout event on tuesday (an outdoor rocks badge workshop!), and lots of housework and laundry to do before we leave (which is 4:45 a.m. on wednesday). i wonder if airlines allow knitting needles anymore/yet.

of course i'm totally psyched to check out the yarn shops in the area (we're going to disneyland, so we'll be in that general area). i'm also geared up to go to a silent movie theater and visit buster keaton sites (house, grave, etc.). i'm a huge silent movie fan!

here's a rare shot of buster smiling:

i'll miss cloudy waking me up everyday with her little paw-paw dance. i hope she remembers me when i get home.

today we visited "harvest days" at a local museum, and it was cool to check out the spinners there. i'd never really seen spinning in action. the two spinners there invited me to check out their spinners guild meetings. do i have time for another obsession?


anyway, if you haven't heard them yet, check out keane. you might like "bedshaped" and "emily." the song they have out now is "somewhere only we know." unfortunately, it's used as background music in a victoria's secret commercial, which only makes me think of tyra banks' billboard forehead when i hear the song now. oh well.

have a good sunday night!

October 09, 2004


ha ha, silly me, bringing my pillows and sleeping bag to a girl scout camping trip. i mean, what was i thinking? sleep? me? ha.

the girls (and i!) had a great time. you wouldn't believe the place we stayed in:

that's a view of the living room and loft/stairway. it used to be someone's house, and it is on girl scout camp property. it was gorgeous! a sunroom with skylights, living room, dining room, huge kitchen, two-car garage with tables set in it for activities, and three bedrooms upstairs. the girls were up there and i think finally settled down around 3 a.m. (we had told them lights out at 10, all quiet at 11 - silly us!). they were whispering, so i guess that was quiet enough. we had a blast! however, too many daddy-longleggers crashed the party. who invited them, anyway!??!

i know it may seem that we really were not roughing it, but we did cook outside for our meals. that counts for something, right?!?!

remember that noro kureyon that i ordered the other day from it came while i was gone, so that was an added bonus to come home to (mike and gabe were treasure enough!)

booga bag, here i come!

finally, lauren showed a picture of her knitting bag the other day, and i thought i'd share mine. guess what color it is?

but when we were at stone harbor last month, a seagull who obviously was not a knitter decided to leave his "signature" on my bag. see?

i heard somewhere that it was good luck to have a bird shoot the pants cannon on your car window or shoulder. does a knitting bag count?

October 07, 2004

it's thursday!

thursday was always my favorite day. when i was young, it was b/c fame was on at night, and then cheers. now, i'm not sure why i still like it. i guess b/c the weekend is right there, bam! as soon as you wake up the next day.

i've had a little pain in ye olde broken leg today. my friend rose said i should be healed by now (i broke my fibula on 7/13). the doctor said i probably won't be healed for awhile. i don't know how long "awhile" is, but it still hurts like a dickens. what's a dickens? and why does it hurt?

here's a shot of the lovely fibula. see how it bulges on the sides? that ain't normal. this shot doesn't look as bad as it does in real life.

today i started on gabe's sweater. i'm going to call it "bolus." bolus has nothing to do with space, as i had originally intended. it's just a gross word. kinda like saltpork. anyway, here's a shot of bolus! (you can't tell, but it's done in a 5x2 rib)

marah had a major eye doc appointment today, and we waited about an hour total between this part of it and that part. so thanks to that, bolus has been birthed. yeehaw!

tomorrow night through saturday afternoon i'm taking my GS troop camping. i'm psyched, but i am really a major homebody, so i'm going to miss my gabe and my mike. but hey, i'm making monkey bread for the girls - it won't be all that bad!

have a good weekend, all!

October 06, 2004


i think the whole world of knitting was just waiting for me. know why? i am a really bad compulsive shopper. i buy what i don't need. what i do need, i wait to buy until it's absolutely necessary. so the whole "unnecessary stash additions" that are so warmly welcomed in the knitting world really make me feel normal.

so, even though i posted a week or so ago about some patterns that i'd bought (why isn't "boughten" a word?), i got more. why? b/c i didn't need them. and that's okay!!

first, here's my fiber fix:

it's all alpaca. the dark brown smaller balls of yarn are from Snickers, whom i now know personally. what a friend. "can i borrow your hair for a sweater i'm making?" "sure! here you go. *snip snip*" those alpacas sure are true blues.

next, here's some encore chunky.
i'm making gabe a sweater. again, it's from sirdar, so again, the pattern has no name. what will i name it? i don't know. gabe is a planet boy. it might be something with a celestial theme, just for him. any ideas?

along with the encore chunky is some grey plymouth baby alpaca. i had to buy it to get these patterns (you can't buy certain patterns at one of my lys's without buying the yarn for it, and i really wanted the pattern for my other alpaca haul). you also see a skein of noro kureyon for a one-skein hat for mike for his birthday (shhhh!).

thanks for the words of rescue regarding mean lady #1. it made me feel much better! y'all are sweeties!

oh, lastly, here's lime-slime hallowig. i actually had it finished last night, but i started my decreases in the wrong spot, so when i cast off, there was a huge bump in the front somewhere. it was really weird. like a sawed-off unicorn trying desperately to hide in a hallowig or something. i frogged back to the end of the bang section and will give it another go tonight sometime. in the meantime, this pic shows the hallowig, the "lobotomy-ready" version.

other thoughts: if you were alive in colonial america, wouldn't you just love little hammy?

other than being happy to find one in my pocket that i'd forgotten about, i like to find ten dollar bills because they're very aesthetically pleasing. RIP ronnie reagan, but i don't want you to replace hammy on the ten spot. please and thank you.

and if you're like me and didn't ever visit this one website before, you should check out making fiends. thanks to susan for sharing the fun!

October 05, 2004

hallowigs and mean ladies

i've started the bangs portion of the hallowig - it's been such a fun project so far. i have to buy some dp's in a size 8 b/c i'll need them for the decreases, so unless i get them today, i won't get much further on that project today. pic soon.

last night's last sweater class was horrible. i finished the sweater, as you can see below. my teacher was happy and excited, and three other ladies were really excited about it as well (one was my mom). but there are these two ladies in the class who are just so sour on everything (the one i'd mentioned earlier - she's the one who said she wouldn't talk to me if i finished the sweater). they were so negative. one of the nicer ones said, "we're so proud of you.!" and mean lady #1 said, "i'm not proud of her. i want to wring her neck."


then she went on to talk about how some people work outside the home. i said, "i work. i homeschool my children." her response was, "i said outside; i never said you didn't work."

you know what, lady? kiss my hallowig!

October 03, 2004

saltpork completed

yeehaw! on our trip to ny and 1000 islands, i finished up saltpork:

it was fun! doing up the neckband wasn't hard, thanks to my felted bag class and mike's grandma, a lifelong knitter. woohoo! i had mike take a pic of me in it, but it turned out to be kinda see-through. i guess b/c it was done on 11's? i'm not sure why that turned out that way.

anyway, our trip to new york and the 1000 islands was fun fun fun! one of the best parts was visiting the paddocks alpaca farm in canastota. the owners, pam keville and mark paddock, were so friendly and full of alpaca knowledge - it was incredible! the alpaca were beautiful - their names were so cute, too! one of them was born at 3 a.m., so its name was "starlite." the baby, born last week, doesn't have a name yet, but she sure did have a great coat of alpaca hair on her! here are some of the cuties:

i did indeed buy me some alpaca yarn, which i'll have to post pics of tomorrow. it was cool to buy yarn from an animal that i'd just met. thanks, snickers!

after we were in that part of new york, we went up to the 1000 islands to visit mike's aunt and uncle, who just bought a cottage there. the view they have is breathtaking. i'll post pics later (i keep saying that). but here's a pic of gabe and marah on an uncle sam boat tour - they were just starting to feel the wind and reacted accordingly:

unfortunately, while we were there, i developed a yucky cold. gabe ended up getting his monthly sickness while we were driving home. as horrible as that is, at least that means he won't be sick for our california trip, which means he'll have a much better time. he is due to get sick the day we leave to come back home.

i have sweater class tomorrow night and am excited to show the teacher my sweater. yippee-ki-yay!!!!!