the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

October 31, 2004

bolus and candy

well, trick or treat came and went, and marah put on the hallowig. then she took it off. turns out she didn't like how she looked in it. was i disappointed? yeah. but then my sister, brother-in-law, my husband, and my son all put it on and wore it for a few minutes of our candy walk, so it made me feel better. here's marah, feeling embarrassed:

and now, here's gabe doing his rendition of a skeleton whose hair follicles never stopped growing despite his lack of skin (that sounded gross):

the great news is that i finished bolus, gabe's sirdar sweater.

it was great fun. the funny part was i had done the decreasing and shaping for the right side of the v-neck, and then wondered why they didn't give directions for the left side. so i reversed the shaping and managed to make the left side of the V all by my lonesome. then, when i was putting the sweater together, i saw the left side's directions . . . on the next page. i swear, it's been that kind of week. if you've seen any of my posts in the knitters' review forum, you'd understand what i'm talking about (i'm dumb).

here's gabe, showing off his new sweater with a few of his friends!

my next major project is to make a sweater for myself for mike's company christmas party. you don't know how much i dread going to these things. i actually try to make plans for every weekend in december so that when his company announces the date of the party, i can honestly say i have other plans. they beat me to it this year. crapola. anyway, i'm on the search for a not-too-complicated, i-deserve-a-great-sweater-because-i-detest-this-party kind of sweater. if you have any ideas, you know where to find me. thanks!!!!!!!!