the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

October 27, 2004

drum roll, please (and a big glass of soda)

the hallowig, she is finished!

marah is going to wear it with her black and lime-green witch's costume on friday night for trick or treat. i'm so thrilled i finished it - and so is she! i kinda enjoyed the decreasing portion with the dpn's, although it was very frustrating when i had some stitches going awol off the ends.

cute as a button (a lime green one)

thanks to manda, i got to see the eclipse! i was dumb, though. i went out and said i couldn't see the moon at all! well, duh. it was at a total eclipse at that moment, i guess. i've always had nightmares about the moon, so it isn't my favorite object in the universe, but i do appreciate a good view of it, especially on nights like tonight, when it just illuminates the cirrus clouds with this eerie glow.

nighty night!