the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

October 05, 2004

hallowigs and mean ladies

i've started the bangs portion of the hallowig - it's been such a fun project so far. i have to buy some dp's in a size 8 b/c i'll need them for the decreases, so unless i get them today, i won't get much further on that project today. pic soon.

last night's last sweater class was horrible. i finished the sweater, as you can see below. my teacher was happy and excited, and three other ladies were really excited about it as well (one was my mom). but there are these two ladies in the class who are just so sour on everything (the one i'd mentioned earlier - she's the one who said she wouldn't talk to me if i finished the sweater). they were so negative. one of the nicer ones said, "we're so proud of you.!" and mean lady #1 said, "i'm not proud of her. i want to wring her neck."


then she went on to talk about how some people work outside the home. i said, "i work. i homeschool my children." her response was, "i said outside; i never said you didn't work."

you know what, lady? kiss my hallowig!