the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

October 07, 2004

it's thursday!

thursday was always my favorite day. when i was young, it was b/c fame was on at night, and then cheers. now, i'm not sure why i still like it. i guess b/c the weekend is right there, bam! as soon as you wake up the next day.

i've had a little pain in ye olde broken leg today. my friend rose said i should be healed by now (i broke my fibula on 7/13). the doctor said i probably won't be healed for awhile. i don't know how long "awhile" is, but it still hurts like a dickens. what's a dickens? and why does it hurt?

here's a shot of the lovely fibula. see how it bulges on the sides? that ain't normal. this shot doesn't look as bad as it does in real life.

today i started on gabe's sweater. i'm going to call it "bolus." bolus has nothing to do with space, as i had originally intended. it's just a gross word. kinda like saltpork. anyway, here's a shot of bolus! (you can't tell, but it's done in a 5x2 rib)

marah had a major eye doc appointment today, and we waited about an hour total between this part of it and that part. so thanks to that, bolus has been birthed. yeehaw!

tomorrow night through saturday afternoon i'm taking my GS troop camping. i'm psyched, but i am really a major homebody, so i'm going to miss my gabe and my mike. but hey, i'm making monkey bread for the girls - it won't be all that bad!

have a good weekend, all!