the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

November 30, 2004

haircut 100

that was an 80s band, but it was the only thing i could think of with 100 in it, because, as you will see, i'm posting my *100 things about me* list. hope you still like me after reading it (if you did to begin with, that is)

1. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1970.
2. I share a birthday with Yoko Ono (2/18)
3. I like that fact, b/c I love John Lennon.
4. I have an older bro and sis, who are both married with kids, like me.
5. My daughter, Marah, has the gift of healing.
6. My son, Gabriel, has a heart of gold.
7. Gabe is chronically ill and gets sick every 21-28 days with a big fever, mouth sores, sore throat, sore legs, and stomach pain. no one knows why.
8. My husband puts up with a lot of my stuff and is truly one of the good ones.
9. I’m rather emotional and very temperamental.
10. But I still make a good friend b/c I listen a lot.
11. Mike and I met in 1989 at college
12. I thought he was scary at first
13. He liked me and some other girl. I won.
14. He won my heart when he offered his sweatshirt for my burning eyes during a shaving cream battle.
15. We live in a townhouse, and we need more room. but I am grateful.
16. My dad left us when I was 10.
17. He threatened to hurt my mom when he thought she was interfering with his new family. *gag*
18. The night he threatened her, we heard a car backfire outside and feared for our lives, thinking it was a gun.
19. We fled to Baltimore (lived in pa at the time) to my granny’s house.
20. That was the night john lennon was shot.
21. The number 18 is very big in my life
22. I was a catholic for most of my life but am now Episcopalian
23. I love to sew but haven’t since I broke my leg this summer
24. I did not like breaking my leg this summer, but I did enjoy the rest.
25. I have problems saying no and am too busy because of it.
26. I love Emily Dickinson and borrowed a rock from her yard as a memento of my visit to her house
27. I am a huge diet dr. pepper addict.
28. I go through 5 2-liters a week.
29. I’m a recovering bulimic.
30. I don’t mind sharing b/c I’ve found it helps others who need help with eating disorders.
31. I spent 3 weeks in an outpatient eating disorder clinic and learned so much about myself.
32. Dude, they even served us crab cakes.
33. One of my favorite memories is listening to enya while walking in a snowy forest with mike.
34. I love chocolate chip pancakes.
35. I also love pizza and could happily eat it for every meal.
36. My favorite toppings are mushrooms, onions, and pepperoni.
37. And tomatoes. something about fresh tomatoes on a pizza . . .
38. I went to college as an English major, but double majored in Spanish to get a teaching job.
39. I was a high school English and Spanish teacher for five years
40. I quit because I could not devote the time it deserved. my family was more important and
41. I cannot balance time between things and people very well.
42. I tend to become obsessed with hobbies or things for awhile, but then they grow old on me.
43. I was a secretary for three years and typed for over 200 people
44. We've been to Disney World four times and Disneyland once.
45. I'm not really a big Disney fan.
46. I just like being away with my family for long periods of time.
47. We weren't allowed to say "fart" when I was growing up.
48. My brother fed me sand when I was 3 and still denies it to this day.

49. I used to love winter because it made me sad
50. Now I hate being sad so I love summer.
51. I love canning and making jam.
52. I did none of it last summer, thanks to the broken leg.
53. I’m still bitter about that.
54. I was trying to avoid being bitten by a snake at girl scout day camp.
55. I was the director, you see.
56. I was told that if you step on a log instead of over it, you could avoid a potential snake bite.
57. So I stood on a slippery log and lost my footing.
58. I lack common sense sometimes.
59. I go shopping before I pay bills, which is not good.
60. I love going to concerts.
61. I’ve seen Sting, Paul Simon, Counting Crows, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby/Stills/Nash, Wallflowers, Hall and Oates, Michael Mcdonald, and Elton John.
62. I met the singer of the Counting Crows (Adam Duritz) and made a huge fool of myself.
63. I can’t hide my nervousness too well.
64. I was on the tennis team in high school.
65. I had a huge crush on my AP American History teacher.
66. I am related to no one famous.
67. Mike is related to Ulysses Grant and the bodine car driver/racer people.
68. I don’t speak to anyone from high school or college anymore.
69. My house is not very clean.
70. I live for today and not for the future
71. this can be good and bad
72. I used to be deathly afraid of planets after having a nightmare about the moon crashing into the earth
73. gabe’s love of all things spacey made me see it differently
74. I am thinking of taking piano lessons
75. I love to sing but not in front of people
76. to relax I imagine myself ice skating to “the first time ever I saw your face”
77. I cannot ice skate
78. I love cooking and am not too shabby at it
79. however I often lack the time to cook a good meal so we eat a lot of pasta and pizza
80. mike and I have been married for 12 ½ years
81. I was the editor of the college newspaper for two years
82. mike and I were engaged for four years
83. I wanted an outdoor wedding but it didn’t happen that way
84. I hate wearing socks but if I must, they have to be black
85. I hate talking on the phone
86. I do not like parties
87. at a restaurant, I usually order a mushroom cheeseburger or fettucine alfredo
88. I had two c-sections
89. I have a huge scar on my chest because I had a birthmark removed (rather poorly) when I was six and seven
90. the operation was done in halves; they thought I had skin cancer
91. I didn’t, thank God
92. my favorite books tend to depress me
93. I love reading Thomas hardy novels
94. I cannot read madame bovary because I identify with her too much
95. when I’m done reading a book, I still feel like I’m in the characters’ world, and it hurts when I realize they aren’t real
96. I guess that sounds weird, but I’m not worried
97. white chocolate covered pretzels are incredible
98. i graduated summa cum laude and still can’t believe that
99. I am too sensitive
100. My mom is one of my best friends.

and there you have it.

gabe's sick today, and i feel so bad for him, b/c there really isn't much i can do to help him out. he's sleeping right now. i might join him. today i'm teaching a sixth grade homeschool girl how to knit - wish me luck!

*edited to add - i had to reschedule the knitting lesson. but i'm working on a really cute washcloth for christmas - it's round. can't wait to finish it and show you!*

November 29, 2004

another one more

well, since mike liked the hat he modeled the other day, i thought i'd make him one identical, but i'd make it a little smaller. the one he modeled was a little long for him. but here's what happened:

see? his little ear is poking out, or at least the bottoms are. he insists it's fine, it's big enough, etc. but i feel like it's back to the needles, where i'll just make him another and give that one to gabe. that kid has a big head, so he should fit this adult-sized hat no problem. it's weird, b/c all i did was take out two rows. *sigh* and i thought i was so clever doing that. pfffft. (he doesn't usually look this demonic, at least not on mondays.)

you should check out i'm knitting as fast as i can , where the resident knitter (i think her name is susan) just finished felting up some gorgeous oven mitts from bev galeskas' book, felted knits . i just love 'em!

i was looking at my knit one, felt two book last night and thought i'd begin the classic cloche for my mom.

i had started a chicknits bucket hat for her, but i was using this yarn that was just too hairy, and when it came time to pick up stitches, they were hard to find. i just wasn't liking it. here's a wip shot:

i might finish it when i'm not pressed for time, like i am now. so today, i'll begin the felted cloche for her, and i'm also going to start a very harlot poncho for marah for christmas. i'm psyched!

November 27, 2004

one more hat

i finished a hat for someone for christmas. it's the same pattern i used for my nephew (the red and black striped hat i had done earlier this month), which is from the knit it magazine.

mike (looking goofy) tried it on to make sure it would fit the giftee:

i guess this magazine only comes out once a year, or so i've heard. anyway, it's a really simple pattern. it calls for a size 8 circular and dpns, and the yarn i used was just some lion brand wool ease in both grey and black. mike said he wanted me to knit him something for christmas (i was so excited to hear that!), so i might make him one of these as well, or two or three. i also want to try the seaman's cap that susan had done (and she did it so wonderfully, too!). it looks so thick and warm.

i really want to make leo for mike for valentine's day. the problem is, it calls for Horstia Maulbeerseide Schurwolle, knitted up on a size 3 and size 4, the gauge being 24 sts/32 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch. i emailed the designer, kristi porter, and asked her about yarn substitutes, b/c i can't afford this yarn (dude, i'd need 17 skeins, and this stuff is almost $11 each!)! however, i cannot find the email anywhere. i could've sworn she recommended i try some classic elite, but i don't remember what kind. so how would i go about figuring out a substitute? do i just find something of the same weight that gets the same gauge on the same size needle? how do i do that? in other words, HELP!!

please and thank you.

we decorated for christmas yesterday, and cloudy got into the act:

she was so excited to hide in the greens. just wait until she gets her presents! she won't know what hit her. it's only her second christmas. meow!

November 26, 2004

white roses & black friday

okay, thanksgiving dinner was just plain yummeh! my in-laws did an awesomejob on the squash, potatoes, and the turkey. i rocked on that sweet potato souffle, man! today is happy leftover day. i don't quite like the taste of reheated turkey or chicken, but i will be happy with my little bowl of sweet potato souffle, please and thank you.

there was almost a pie snafu. mike knew my feathers would be ruffled (i ruffle way too often) and bought me these to smooth it over:

white roses are my favorites. i love orange, don't get me wrong, but a close third favorite color (black is #2) is white. i'd love for all the rooms in my house to be white, but we're too slovenly for that to ever happen.

anyway, what a great guy. he never reads this, but i'll say it anyway - i love you, mike!!

and even though i've seen it a million plus two times, i had to watch this last night on tcm:

i've asked for the dvd for christmas and can't wait to unwrap it (hubby knows to stick to my list. he's smart like that.) i've loved this movie since i was a little girl. to me, it's all about costumes. i used to tie pillows to my rear and then pull a sheet around my waist, so i'd have a bustle dress just like scarlett.

knitting: i did absolutely no work on the afghan, but i did manage to start a cable hat for my mom . . . and then frogged it. i forgot i'd already started a bucket hat for her (and i may have been a little intimidated by the fact that it was my first cable project!) and anyway, i twisted my stitches when i joined the round. oops. i started on a grey hat for another family member. it's such a simple pattern, found in last year's knit it magazine. anyway, thanks for all of your nice comments on the afghan. and lisa, you and stevie are my inspiration - discipline!

before i go, i have to direct you to nancy's felted daypack from interweave knits . she did an awesome job! and check out her little tamagotchi felted pouch - her own design!

have a great black friday! be careful you don't get trampled on by some well-meaning shopper who really wanted the *insert present here* that you just picked up.

November 24, 2004

two down, six to go . . .

i'm on a baking frenzy. last night i did the pumpkin bread and cranberry bread (gotta love that recipe on the back of the ocean spray cranberry bag - it's sooooooo yummy!). today i have to make:

cranberry-raspberry relish
pumpkin pie
cranberry raisin pie
green bean casserole
sweet potato souffle

but of course, i have to find room in the fridge for all of these things! i think gabe found a yogurt from august in there the other day and had wanted to eat it. poor kid. he thinks our fridge is routinely cleaned out.

anyway, i've been knitting an afghan for months now. it's one of those projects that i really don't like to do, so i began it in august, did 15 rows, and ditched it for all the other things i've posted for the past few months. but then i realized, oh crap. it's soon christmas, and i have to have this thing done if i want to give it away. it isn't a terrible project, it's just really attention-consuming, as in it has rows like :k3, p2, k12, (k5, p2, k6, p4) to end, p3 k2. so just one wrong k or p and i've messed up the pattern. here it is:

this one shows the color better, and

this one shows the pattern better.

but they're both the same afghan.

yesterday we went to the library. i could afford my fine, which was only $25.10. last time it was $63. i'm very bad about returning things, and the kids always sign out videos, which are $2 a day for the overdue fee. we decided to measure our receipt, which prints out the books we've signed out - it was 61 inches! woohoo! you'd think i'd learn.

well, i better get to cookin' - happy thanksgiving, everyone!

i almost forgot - check out the really cool charity opportunity at wendy knits! it's her 11/23 entry. cool idea!

November 23, 2004

random tidbits

my mind is a big swirlie. no, i don't mean the toilet-head-flushing prank. i mean that so many things are always going on, and i can't think in a linear fashion anymore. it used to be helpful to create a list of things i had to do, but then the lists got too long and started to depress me. here's a sampling of what's going on in my mind right now:

1. i need to email some moms about the knitting club for kids i'm starting up in january - also need to secure the meeting place;
2. a hancock's fabrics just opened up nearby and has every possible lion brand yarn ever made; that reminds me, i need to make a christmas washcloth for a special sibling using some lb cotton i bought there;

3. i gotta get this afghan done for christmas. i started it in august and have no excuses!
4. what in the world am i going to make for thanksgiving dinner? (we're bringing it to my in-laws, since my mil is immobile from her foot surgery) i better make a list (ugh) and go to the store today.
5. i won't be at the next girl scout leader meeting b/c i'm going to a debbie stoller snb nation book signing! i have to get handouts ready since i won't be at the meeting to speak about upcoming events.
6. i need to find someone to lead girl scout day camp with me this summer.
7. i should really fold that basket of laundry before cloudy claims it as her own.
8. i wonder if cloudy caught that mouse in the garage yet?
9. i have no knitting pictures to put in my blog today. eep!
10. i'll have to do an internet search to jazz it up. a turkey. yeah, i'll put in a turkey.

if i don't post before thanksgiving, i want to wish you all a very happy holiday! be safe and enjoy your family time. i'd also like to tell you that i'm thankful for all of you and your help and knitting advice. thank you!

November 20, 2004

i am hungry for my apple jacks

but first i wanted to post so that i can eat and not feel like i need to post. make sense? good. maybe you can explain it to me later.

thank you for missing me. *smack*

i made two of those cute lil christmas bells. john lennon is going to model them for you now:

poor guy thought they were hats and got a nasty bump when the actual little jingly bell inside bumped his head.

they were fun to do, being very quick and easy and kinda cute. mine look like hats (hence john's confusion), but if i mash them into the right shape right before i give them to my intended recipients, they won't know a thing (until they unmash and look like hats again, at which point i'll have left the scene).

on another (but still knitting) note, i'm kinda bummed because i'd bought this nice soft brown baby alpaca back when i visited that alpaca farm. i was going to use it to make my dad a scarf, just like mike's birthday scarf, but it turns out it's more of a fingering weight than a DK. does that mean i use bigger needles? it'll be lacy then, and this is for my dad. he can cook, but that's as far as his effeminate side goes.

well, i'll leave you with this shot of marah and gabe at the american helicopter museum in west chester, pa. our homeschool group took a field trip there yesterday. it was a really interesting place - tons of historic helicopters. the docents were very enthusiastic about their subject but weren't able to lower their language level enough for their audience, who had no idea what they were saying. if it weren't for the fact that we all have polite children who could make up for the experience by climbing into some of the choppers, we would've had a mutinous bunch.

November 18, 2004

that wasn't very nice.

i'll spare you the details, but let me just say that if verizon ever says they'll call or come out, don't believe them. they didn't call. i called. my hubby called. they said they came and no one was here. I WAS HERE ALL DAY!!!!!!!! as you can see, they finally came, a week after i'd reported that our internet service was down. insert expression of disgust here.

i will say that i really did realize how much i rely on the internet for research and communication. what would i have done 20 years ago, if i was a busy mom-homeschooler-cook-knitter-scoutleading-34-year-old woman and i needed to find a project or recipe asap? i am generally one to bow down to the simple life (no, not the paris/nicole debaucle), but when time's a wastin', i need answers. FAST.

so anyway. i did some knittin'. see?

booga bag. done in noro kureyon #128

it's rounded on the bottom because i forgot the cereal box blocking instructions. round can be good, if not correct.

can't say who this is for, since that person reads this, but here's their hat, done using some black plymouth encore and some red red heart and a pattern from last year's knit it mag.

matching tassled hat (i did the smaller one a few months ago) for my niece for christmas, done using a multicolored blend from plymouth encore:

marah visited a senior citizen day care today with the rest of our scout troop, and she played uno with some of the folks there. she was nervous at first, but she loosened up and had a blast (but didn't win).

i don't know what i'm knitting next, although i have a knit-for-christmas-list that is begging me to pay attention to it. i need to finish up that afghan that i started months ago, but chances are i'll make a few more baby alpaca scarves.

i have a problem - when i get to the end of a knitting project, i tend to be very reckless and ignore things, like i felted a hat without weaving in the ends (didn't matter, but still); i've cut yarn before casting off; i blocked booga wrong . . . i think i just get so excited that i'm "done" that i really think i'm "done." and i'm not "done."

here's a parting pic of me and marah at the senior center. gabe took it - he didn't cut off our heads or anything else vital!

November 11, 2004

please stand by

we interrupt this blog to provide you with the following announcement:

my verizon dsl is down and out, and they aren't even going to call to set up an appointment to look at it until monday, so as far as any updates on my blog or comments on yours, i'm in a yarn shop without a cent. (in other words, i'm out of commission!)


November 10, 2004

get down, booga ooga ooga

i was waiting for gabe at gymnastics tonight and finished up the bag portion of my booga. need proof? look no further:

i'm really excited to finish it up, for many reasons - one, b/c it's a felted handbag pattern, which is one of my favorite things to work on. two, it's just one more christmas present that i'll be done with (for whom, i have no idea yet). three, now i can start other things! or maybe finish up that afghan that's been on the sidebar for ten million kazillion billion weeks. tonight i'll work on (and hopefully finish) my i-cord.

you know, i'm in such a hizzy because of all of these christmas presents, and i'm at the point where i'm not enjoying my knitting. so i made the decision tonight that i'm going to limit my list. i can't do it all, and i want to enjoy what i actually can do.

i've decided to make a very harlot poncho for marah. she loves ponchos, and she looks adorable in 'em. i'm going to make one for her in a pretty lavender. she has black already, which would've been her first choice, so we'll go for a pastel, which isn't my favorite, but this isn't about me, it's about that wonderful 9 y/o daughter of mine!

know what's really gross? my cell phone bill. while we were in california, my phone never said "roam" on it, so i called my mom and sister and friend rose to say hey and catch up on all the PA news. however, i guess i was roaming anyway, b/c my normally sweet little cell phone bill turned ugly. $181 dollars worth of ugly. now listen, i wanted to know how things in william penn's woods were going, but not at that price. i'm kinda miffed, but mostly i feel stupid. *sigh*

there goes some stash money. pffffft.

November 09, 2004

big schnozzes and mitten cakes

i had originally posted about how i have one and an eighth christmas projects done, and about 20 people i want to knit things for. i pitifully asked you if you thought i could finish, and asked for a kind and gentle answer.

but it occurred to me that many of my recipients are also readers of my blog, so there went that post.

instead, i'd like to say this:

why do i have crushes on these actors?

i was talking with my kids about having crushes on cartoon characters as a child. they think it's hysterical that i used to love:

so sue me. i liked his black feathers and sardonic wit.

back to normalcy: i love these mittens so much, and she's starting another pair . did you ever see one of those cakes martha stewart would whip up, where she'd put a stencil on the top of the uniced cake and then sprinkle powdered sugar over the stencil to create a really intricate design? that's what these mittens remind me of. i could just eat 'em up.

i get so inspired by all of you. thank you for blogging!

P.S. Does anyone have any problems getting notice through bloglines when I update my blog? Let me know - I think my account is messed up. Thanks! :)

November 08, 2004

my kids are cool

my kids are cool. know why? because they love this album:

revolver, the beatles

marah has fallen for "eleanor rigby," while she enjoys the horns in "for no one." gabe likes "yellow submarine" - especially the part where paul speaks after ringo sings in the last verse: "every one of us/has all we need/sky of blue/sea of green/in our yellow/submarine, ya-ha." gabe says, "why does that guy follow the singer like that?"

i actually have made the beatles part of our homeschool curriculum. is that obsessed? yes. i'm so excited to show them some documentaries i've taped over the years!

and guess what? i finished mike's scarf! woohoo!!!!! here are the details:

Plymouth Pattern IN42
Yarn: Plymouth Indicieta Baby Alpaka DK, colorway 401 (2 balls)
Needles: Size 6 (clover bamboo)

here's a pic!

and here it is, being modeled by the one and only moe howard:

i finished knitting it yesterday, just in time for mike's birthday dinner (he asked for crock pot mac-n-cheese and a pumpkin roll). it was 95% done; i finished it up by weaving in the ends while watching arrested development. i blocked it overnight, and he wore it today. yay!

if you do any more blog reading tonite, please make sure you include checking out alisha's beaded/cabled mitten . she has a really interesting blog, and this mitten is gorgeous! see for yourself!

my hand is itchy. i grew up believing that if your hand itches, you're about to get a lot of money. i'd better make up a stash wish list, just in case!

edited to add: alisha asked a question below about the "spinner's kiss" that i complained about. i emailed her back, but i thought i'd share my answer, in case anyone else got frustrated about these knots:

i wrote:

hi alisha! i made up that phrase, attempting to be clever. it bugs the crap out of me, though. it just happened again, last night, while i was making my booga. i've come across a lot of these little knots in noro kureyon. i thought that was supposed to be good stuff!
anyway, in a knitting class i took, my teacher told me exactly what you said - it depends on the project. for instance, since i'm felting my booga, it should be okay to continue knitting and leave the knot there - making sure to tuck it in the inside. however, if it's a sweater or something really fine where a knot would be obvious, she will often frog back to the beginning of a row, cut the yarn, go back and cut out the knot, and then begin the next row as if you're beginning a new skein of yarn.
what a hassle! i called it the spinner's kiss b/c i think it's mainly a problem with really natural fibers. i can't imagine a machine making a knot while winding up some good old acrylic, but i could be wrong there.

if anyone out there has any other tips on these stupid knots, let me (and alisha) know! thanks :)

November 06, 2004

super spanakopita

there was a greek festival at a local greek orthodox church today, and boy was it yummy! of course i sampled the mousaka and pastitsio, but i really was there for the pastries.

mmmmmm baklava:

mmmmmmm diples:

mmmmmm kourambiedes:

the place was packed, so much so that we couldn't get upstairs to have a tour of the sanctuary. i was rather disappointed, because i'd wanted the kids to see what it looked like. however, i quickly found solace in my honey-laden goodies.

in knitting news, i have been getting quite a few compliments on my felted bag lately. why is this surprising? because i feel like after you've used a felted bag for a few weeks, it gets balled fuzz, aka "pills." i mentioned this problem at a lys, and they recommended that i brush it every now and then to get some of that off. i haven't brushed it yet, but i've gotten compliments. does that mean people like "pills?"

or maybe i'm just my own worst critic.

my weekend goals of finishing mike's scarf and my booga bag have yet to be met. however, tomorrow IS another day. *looks optimistically into the air* i do have to make mike's belated birthday dinner (he requested crock pot mac-n-cheese and a pumpkin roll for dessert) and plan for my co-op class on monday, but knitting is like jello. there's always room (or time).

p.s. isn't this cute?

i'd like to make a whole bunch for christmas. you actually put little bells in them, so they really jingle! am i too excited about this? probably. blame it on the baklava. there's a lot of sweetness in that stuff! if you're excited like i am, click here for the pattern.

check out amy's cool gift tags! aren't they cute?

November 05, 2004

everyone knows it's windy

man. good thing i'm not a leaf. not only would i hate the fall out of the tree (hee hee, i made a pun), but i'd be fodder for the wind. in other words, it was windy today. extremely so.

yesterday was mike's birthday, and i didn't finish the scarf. however, i only have about 60 rows to go, which is only about 1/4 of it. he really liked it! i was so glad, b/c i think he thinks a lot of knitted things are very femmy, even if they're made for men. he loved the softness of the alpaca. yippeeee!

here's some pics of it, almost completed:

a close-up of the broken stripes:

woohoo! did anyone see the o.c. last night? i have waited soooooooo loooooooooong for the season to start up again. the hour went way too fast. any other oc addicts out there?

and of course i had to watch the apprentice afterward. i'm glad raj got the boot. he thought too highly of himself.

tonight we're going to some craft shows. i'll have to put on the christmas tunes to get in the spirit. my favorite christmas album of all times is elvis's christmas album (that's what it's called), and the kids have been requesting the wiggles' christmas album. don't tell anyone i said this, but i kinda like it, too! shhhhh!

i hope to finish mike's scarf this weekend, along with the booga bag. i gotta get moving on this christmas knitting, not to mention two november birthdays that i'm also knitting for. (hi keebs! - shout out to my nephew!)

November 03, 2004

lame post

this is a lame post.

i am really sleepy. this has been one of those non-stop days. it hasn't been a bad day at all, just busy and long and hairy. i'm usually in bed by now, knitting. i guess posting on my blog is the next best thing.

i didn't get mike's birthday scarf done. it calls for two balls of alpaca, and i am just a few rows away from being done with one, so i can at least say i'm halfway done. i'll be spending the whole day at his folks' house tomorrow, helping his mom with stuff since she just had foot surgery last weekend. i can undoubtedly work on it there - i am going for the gold and saying i'll have it done. he won't be home most of the day, or night for that matter, on his birthday (tomorrow), so it isn't a huge tragedy that i'm not done. i just wanted to be able to say i was. oh well.

thanks to all for your comments on the colorway on my booga. i'm about to start skein two. i like the mindless knitting it provides. i even did it in the dark last night while mike went and voted (i'd already done so that morning).

this is a lame post. i need a picture or something. here:

oh, i can say this: i went to a lys, Oh Susanna, and i have to say i feel badly for the owner. she has a really bad reputation, or at least her store does, b/c it is somewhat cluttered. there's the whole legendary tale of how the fire police shut her down b/c there were too many bags and boxes of yarn all over the place.

but can i tell you? she has every possible yarn you could dream of. i swear she has every type of noro made, and lots of it. she has fun stuff like colinette and rowan and lots of locally spun goodness as well. bunches of pretty cascade quatro, jo sharp, and debbie bliss are bursting out of tons of cubicles.

she also has a ton of books (i picked up a rowan cork pattern book) and magazines. i admired one of the scarves she had hanging up, knit on the bias. she said, "oh, i'll give you the pattern," and she proceeded to write it down on my receipt. she's just so cool. too cool for shoes, really. she's the kind of person that you could just sit and brain-pick for hours and then walk away from, feeling stuffed, as if you had a big plate of fettucine alfredo. with breadsticks.

that lys story saved my post. it may rank now as only being half lame.

November 02, 2004

sufferin' suffragettes

as meg reminds us in her blog, GO OUT AND VOTE! we went this a.m., we being me and the kids. they were amazed at how little time it took. i was, too. there were maybe 8 other people there. i'm hoping it's just because i picked the right time and not for any other reason, although i'm sure this being such a vital election, timing was indeed the reason for the lack of line.

i really felt the urge to honor those women who fought so hard to grant this right for their future daughters/granddaughters/etc. thanks, ladies of yore!

in knitting news, argh! this bugs the crapola outta me:

i understand that it is the "spinner's kiss." but it still bugs the crapola outta me!!

it's noro kureyon, which i'm using for the ole' booga bag. (it's in shade #128, which i chose because i loved wendy's butterfly cardigan .) it is boogarific. i'm slow going on it b/c i only work on it at night. knitting makes me sleepy, so i get maybe two rounds done and then debate on using stitch holders to keep my eyes open. rejecting that idea, the booga, and the eyelids, quickly drop.

anyway, check it out, in progress:

do you not see that delicious stripe of orange in the colorway? do you not want to just stare at it for a few minutes? possibly hours?

oh, okay. i guess it's just me.

November 01, 2004

thank you, secret pal!

guess what was at my door today? a package! yeah, that's right, a package! and it was for me! from my secret pal!!!!

check it out:

i got me some fun sock yarn - sassy stripes by moda dea. it's in a really fun autumnal blend. is "fun autumnal" kind of oxymoronic? seems that way right now.

anyway, i also got a pattern book for lots of cool socks.

thank you, secret pal! today was really majorly yucky, so it really did make the day a whole lot better. thanks!!!