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November 30, 2004

haircut 100

that was an 80s band, but it was the only thing i could think of with 100 in it, because, as you will see, i'm posting my *100 things about me* list. hope you still like me after reading it (if you did to begin with, that is)

1. I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1970.
2. I share a birthday with Yoko Ono (2/18)
3. I like that fact, b/c I love John Lennon.
4. I have an older bro and sis, who are both married with kids, like me.
5. My daughter, Marah, has the gift of healing.
6. My son, Gabriel, has a heart of gold.
7. Gabe is chronically ill and gets sick every 21-28 days with a big fever, mouth sores, sore throat, sore legs, and stomach pain. no one knows why.
8. My husband puts up with a lot of my stuff and is truly one of the good ones.
9. I’m rather emotional and very temperamental.
10. But I still make a good friend b/c I listen a lot.
11. Mike and I met in 1989 at college
12. I thought he was scary at first
13. He liked me and some other girl. I won.
14. He won my heart when he offered his sweatshirt for my burning eyes during a shaving cream battle.
15. We live in a townhouse, and we need more room. but I am grateful.
16. My dad left us when I was 10.
17. He threatened to hurt my mom when he thought she was interfering with his new family. *gag*
18. The night he threatened her, we heard a car backfire outside and feared for our lives, thinking it was a gun.
19. We fled to Baltimore (lived in pa at the time) to my granny’s house.
20. That was the night john lennon was shot.
21. The number 18 is very big in my life
22. I was a catholic for most of my life but am now Episcopalian
23. I love to sew but haven’t since I broke my leg this summer
24. I did not like breaking my leg this summer, but I did enjoy the rest.
25. I have problems saying no and am too busy because of it.
26. I love Emily Dickinson and borrowed a rock from her yard as a memento of my visit to her house
27. I am a huge diet dr. pepper addict.
28. I go through 5 2-liters a week.
29. I’m a recovering bulimic.
30. I don’t mind sharing b/c I’ve found it helps others who need help with eating disorders.
31. I spent 3 weeks in an outpatient eating disorder clinic and learned so much about myself.
32. Dude, they even served us crab cakes.
33. One of my favorite memories is listening to enya while walking in a snowy forest with mike.
34. I love chocolate chip pancakes.
35. I also love pizza and could happily eat it for every meal.
36. My favorite toppings are mushrooms, onions, and pepperoni.
37. And tomatoes. something about fresh tomatoes on a pizza . . .
38. I went to college as an English major, but double majored in Spanish to get a teaching job.
39. I was a high school English and Spanish teacher for five years
40. I quit because I could not devote the time it deserved. my family was more important and
41. I cannot balance time between things and people very well.
42. I tend to become obsessed with hobbies or things for awhile, but then they grow old on me.
43. I was a secretary for three years and typed for over 200 people
44. We've been to Disney World four times and Disneyland once.
45. I'm not really a big Disney fan.
46. I just like being away with my family for long periods of time.
47. We weren't allowed to say "fart" when I was growing up.
48. My brother fed me sand when I was 3 and still denies it to this day.

49. I used to love winter because it made me sad
50. Now I hate being sad so I love summer.
51. I love canning and making jam.
52. I did none of it last summer, thanks to the broken leg.
53. I’m still bitter about that.
54. I was trying to avoid being bitten by a snake at girl scout day camp.
55. I was the director, you see.
56. I was told that if you step on a log instead of over it, you could avoid a potential snake bite.
57. So I stood on a slippery log and lost my footing.
58. I lack common sense sometimes.
59. I go shopping before I pay bills, which is not good.
60. I love going to concerts.
61. I’ve seen Sting, Paul Simon, Counting Crows, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby/Stills/Nash, Wallflowers, Hall and Oates, Michael Mcdonald, and Elton John.
62. I met the singer of the Counting Crows (Adam Duritz) and made a huge fool of myself.
63. I can’t hide my nervousness too well.
64. I was on the tennis team in high school.
65. I had a huge crush on my AP American History teacher.
66. I am related to no one famous.
67. Mike is related to Ulysses Grant and the bodine car driver/racer people.
68. I don’t speak to anyone from high school or college anymore.
69. My house is not very clean.
70. I live for today and not for the future
71. this can be good and bad
72. I used to be deathly afraid of planets after having a nightmare about the moon crashing into the earth
73. gabe’s love of all things spacey made me see it differently
74. I am thinking of taking piano lessons
75. I love to sing but not in front of people
76. to relax I imagine myself ice skating to “the first time ever I saw your face”
77. I cannot ice skate
78. I love cooking and am not too shabby at it
79. however I often lack the time to cook a good meal so we eat a lot of pasta and pizza
80. mike and I have been married for 12 ½ years
81. I was the editor of the college newspaper for two years
82. mike and I were engaged for four years
83. I wanted an outdoor wedding but it didn’t happen that way
84. I hate wearing socks but if I must, they have to be black
85. I hate talking on the phone
86. I do not like parties
87. at a restaurant, I usually order a mushroom cheeseburger or fettucine alfredo
88. I had two c-sections
89. I have a huge scar on my chest because I had a birthmark removed (rather poorly) when I was six and seven
90. the operation was done in halves; they thought I had skin cancer
91. I didn’t, thank God
92. my favorite books tend to depress me
93. I love reading Thomas hardy novels
94. I cannot read madame bovary because I identify with her too much
95. when I’m done reading a book, I still feel like I’m in the characters’ world, and it hurts when I realize they aren’t real
96. I guess that sounds weird, but I’m not worried
97. white chocolate covered pretzels are incredible
98. i graduated summa cum laude and still can’t believe that
99. I am too sensitive
100. My mom is one of my best friends.

and there you have it.

gabe's sick today, and i feel so bad for him, b/c there really isn't much i can do to help him out. he's sleeping right now. i might join him. today i'm teaching a sixth grade homeschool girl how to knit - wish me luck!

*edited to add - i had to reschedule the knitting lesson. but i'm working on a really cute washcloth for christmas - it's round. can't wait to finish it and show you!*