the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

November 03, 2004

lame post

this is a lame post.

i am really sleepy. this has been one of those non-stop days. it hasn't been a bad day at all, just busy and long and hairy. i'm usually in bed by now, knitting. i guess posting on my blog is the next best thing.

i didn't get mike's birthday scarf done. it calls for two balls of alpaca, and i am just a few rows away from being done with one, so i can at least say i'm halfway done. i'll be spending the whole day at his folks' house tomorrow, helping his mom with stuff since she just had foot surgery last weekend. i can undoubtedly work on it there - i am going for the gold and saying i'll have it done. he won't be home most of the day, or night for that matter, on his birthday (tomorrow), so it isn't a huge tragedy that i'm not done. i just wanted to be able to say i was. oh well.

thanks to all for your comments on the colorway on my booga. i'm about to start skein two. i like the mindless knitting it provides. i even did it in the dark last night while mike went and voted (i'd already done so that morning).

this is a lame post. i need a picture or something. here:

oh, i can say this: i went to a lys, Oh Susanna, and i have to say i feel badly for the owner. she has a really bad reputation, or at least her store does, b/c it is somewhat cluttered. there's the whole legendary tale of how the fire police shut her down b/c there were too many bags and boxes of yarn all over the place.

but can i tell you? she has every possible yarn you could dream of. i swear she has every type of noro made, and lots of it. she has fun stuff like colinette and rowan and lots of locally spun goodness as well. bunches of pretty cascade quatro, jo sharp, and debbie bliss are bursting out of tons of cubicles.

she also has a ton of books (i picked up a rowan cork pattern book) and magazines. i admired one of the scarves she had hanging up, knit on the bias. she said, "oh, i'll give you the pattern," and she proceeded to write it down on my receipt. she's just so cool. too cool for shoes, really. she's the kind of person that you could just sit and brain-pick for hours and then walk away from, feeling stuffed, as if you had a big plate of fettucine alfredo. with breadsticks.

that lys story saved my post. it may rank now as only being half lame.