the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

December 30, 2004

new year's in kyoto

did you ever hear yoko ono's song, "don't worry kyoko (mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow)"? oh, okay, just wondering. it has very little to do with what i was going to post, except for the fact that i thought her daughter's name was kyoto, and i decided to make the kyoto sweater, so i was going to use the song title as my post title. but alas. it won't work, because her daughter is kyoKo, not kyoTo. yoko and kyoko's story is kind of sad, by the way.

anyway, after much browing and perusing and searching and surfing, i've decided to attempt kyoto as my first for-me project of 2005 (that's considering that i finish with my ruffles scarf before the year ends, and if not, the kyoto is #2 for 2005). here's kyoto, from knitty's winter 2003 issue:

i'm playing around with the colors a bit by changing the lime green that you see into this:

it's four seasons roma in aruba aqua. i got it for a steal at elann. the pink part will be black, and i'll just slip some of the aqua into the black sash section where the original white stripe is. i'm psyched! i had made a sweater for myself in october (remember "saltpork"?), and i have worn it once, because it's not my style. it was from a class, and you had to do the sweater they chose. it's okay, but not my style. kyoto is.

i worked on ruffles today a little, but not a lot, because we had to run to mike's parents' place again to give their laptop some cpr. sometimes i can knit while riding in the car, and other times i get way too carsick. the latter happened today, so i couldn't do much ruffling!

also, i went over to susan's blog (i'm knitting as fast as i can). she has up the link for her sock pattern, and again the proceeds go to oxfam to help the tsunami relief efforts. the pattern, "hugs and kisses socks," is adorable, and it's five bucks. check it out!

and finally, i'm not sure how or why i came across this bit of weirdism, but it's worth clicking on this link if you haven't met your bizarre quota for the day.

December 29, 2004

rrrrrruffles have rrrrridges

i am loving this ruffles scarf pattern from the scarf style book. i'm using the peruvian collection highland wool from elann that i got a few months ago. it's in russet, which i renamed sweet potato just because i don't like regular russet potatoes. here's my wip shot:

here's what the middle of the scarf looks like if you open up the ruffles:

the wrap and turn short rows in this pattern make for a really cool right and wrong side - each of these has a purly side and a knitty side - all on the same side! (huh? trust me, it makes sense, even if i don't.) i'm a huge fan of patterns with short rows - they're just too fun! or perhaps i just need a life.

in other news, wendy from zibibbo has a wealth of info on recycling yarn - there's a recycling kal for 2005. this is something i've never done, but i sure do have a lot of sweaters that i don't wear any more and that are begging to be added to my yarn stash. how cool is that?!

did you ever get stuck in a word rut where you keep saying the same word or phrase over and over? i'm hoping to find a replacement for "how cool is that." any suggestions gladly accepted. this phrase is taking over my life.

finally, and most importantly, you have probably seen this link elsewhere in your blog travels, but i wanted to share this info with you about network for good. you can select from several different organizations that are collecting funds to help aid the tsunami relief effort.

plus, over at i'm knitting as fast as i can, susan is selling one of her original sock patterns, and all proceeds will be going to oxfam. i think this is so generous and wonderful of her!

December 28, 2004

orange, anyone?

since it couldn't be a white christmas (rats!), my in-laws made my christmas an orange one with these orange gifties!

we were at mike's parents' house for christmas, part deux today. i brought bread and dessert (it was banana split cheesecake, and man, was it good!), and they made the rest of the fixin's. i don't know if i could ever get enough of butternut squash! however, i got a little too much of the spicy shrimp scampi, and for the majority of the afternoon and evening, my tummy has reminded me that i can no longer eat the way i used to when i was 17. bleh.

my mil bought me some red heart bright and lofty, along with a cabin fever mitten pattern, because she couldn't find mittens to match the orange boots and bucket hat.

she thought i could knit my own mittens! well, now that i've made friends with sock patterns, i might be able to introduce myself to the knitted mitten family as well! we shall see.

in knitting news, a friend of mine had a baby in late november, and i finally got around to knitting something to send her way. i made the one-hour baby booties in snb nation, and the umbilical cord hat in snb. the hat was very fun to make, and the booties really did take just one hour.

i still need to find buttons for them, but i really think i should just pick up some stitches and do a bobble to put through the button hole. i don't want to be known as the friend who gives hazardous gifts to babies.

heather and i knitted at borders on monday and had fun! she is starting a booga and picked out a really pretty colorway of noro kureyon. (to pseudo-quote garfield: i've never met a kureyon colorway that i didn't like.) i continued to work on a pair of socks (same pattern as my first pair, from cabin fever) for mike. at this point, i have one of his socks completed, and about two inches left to do on the second foot, and then i need to do the toe section. i'm doing them in a charcoal color from plymouth encore. this was supposed to be a valentine's day gift for him, but he saw the completed one lying on the table and proceeded to try it on. well, at least i know they fit.

i joined the scarf style knitalong, and i'm going to work on ruffles first, i think. i am loving this book to pieces. after i finish ruffles and my yo! drop it scarf, i don't know what i'm going to do. i like the janda hoodie in the knit wit book, but i also wanted to do gigi at some point. but i also like kyoto of knit wit/knitty fame. and then there's the rowan cork collection book i have, and i really like a few things out of there. so who knows what will grace my needles next? i feel like i did when i was in college and finals were done, but i was still on campus with tons of free time . . . so much freedom, that i don't know what to do!

December 25, 2004

i must've done something good

because i sure did get a nice knitterly haul for christmas this year! my wonderful hubster gave me three knitty books: scarf style, last minute knitted gifts, and amy singer's knit wit. although i knew about all of them, i waited until today to enjoy them. he also gave me a gift certificate to my favorite lys (oh susanna). thank you, sweetie pie!

my mom and dad gave me two gift certificates to two other lys. i am just beside myself with excitement! plus, my little marah made me a stitch marker.

my family rocks!

but before i received any of those gifties, i had a very knitty christmas eve, thanks to my krsp3!

that's 3 balls of jo sharp kid mohair in grey, 2 skeins of manos del uruguay cotton stria, and three balls of classic elite isabella. she also included a bag of gumballs (the kids went nuts; i think i saw maybe one or two of said gumballs once i made their presence known), and a pocket planner. "she" is angela from new york. thanks so much, angela! i've really enjoyed my gifties!

for the most part, we've had a great christmas and enjoyed our little family get togethers. everyone seemed to like their london beanies, felted purses, and other knitted gifts i gave them. my mom adores her classic cloche, and i'm ecstatic over that! we have one more get together to go on tuesday, and i have more knitted gifts to hand out then. the best part is, mike's off all week, and i couldn't be happier. well, yes i could. i could use some snow, for the love of orange crush! sheesh.

speaking of orange crush, i finally decided to do something with this orange-gold-black ribbon from giglio that i bought a few months ago, so i decided to try out the "yo! drop it" scarf from snb nation.

it's been fun - i especially savor letting the dropped stitches fall off and laughing at them as they fall. ha, i meant to do that, you stitch! ha! the kookiest part of working on this scarf is the timing. i'm currently working on another pair of socks, which i tend to work very tightly. then i get to this loopy ribbon yarn with these big metal needles (which is rather nauseating) and this loose tension and it's just hysterical to watch my hands get confused.

there are only 50 minutes left of christmas 2004. spend them well . . . knit! (with family around, of course!)

December 23, 2004

orange knittikins

today was the day i got to meet lisa! i was so excited! i got up this morning and finished up my last knitted gift - another london beanie. i had finished one yesterday morning, too, so i am officially done. yes!

marah is modeling the larger london beanie #3. this one was done using the remainder of the rowan magpie that i had used for the first larger london beanie. i love that yarn. it's a shame it's been discontinued. fortunately, one of my lys still has a bunch of it, so . . . that makes for a happy me.

i did this, and all of the larger london beanies, on size 8 addi turbo circs, along with size 8 clover bamboo dpns. i like how the dpns make the tops of the beanies kind of swirly:

this one (larger london beanie #2) was done using some black wool that i bought at a little yarn shop/sheep farm in belleplain, new jersey, called north country knits. cute little place.

after i finished the magpie beanie, i got ready to go and meet lisa and her huz, ben! marah decided to come with me. we talked and had lunch, but i couldn't stay long because i had a bunch of errands to run for tomorrow night (we're having christmas eve at our house for my family). we are already thinking of meeting up again at a place that is equidistant from both of us.

lisa is a real sweetie! she's so adorable and fun. i really enjoyed meeting her! she brought along her audrey purse, which ben knitted, and the lining she put in it was really awesome. she - and he - did a great job! i also got to meet stevie , which was great. the cables were so thick - she's doing a wonderful job on that, her first sweater and first cables project! i admire her for taking a bite out of a big project like that. go lisa!

she gave me and marah some hello kitty "stitch markers" (aka shoe charms). we are really going to enjoy using these on our knitting projects! thanks, lisa!

now i have to cook, bake and cook some more. i hope everyone has a wonderfully merry christmas!

December 21, 2004

i smell good

which isn't so unusual that i need to post about it, but it's like this: did you ever put on a shirt or sweater right after you put on perfume, and then decided to wear another shirt? well, i must be wearing a recent reject, because i can smell my perfume on my shirt, and i didn't put any on today. wow. my rejects smell good.

anyway, here is marah a la poncho:

'tis true, she at first turned her nose up at the color of yarn i'd picked out, not knowing it was actually for her and her poncho. but now that it's knitted up, she really likes it and doesn't even remember saying she didn't. there are other things swimming around a 9-year-old's mind, mom! sheesh.

i finished up the weaving and fringing last night while watching real world/road rules battle of the sexes, which is kinda lame this season, but i'm a junkie so i have to tune in. i was going to save the poncho for christmas, but i really wanted to see how it fit and get that immediate *ahhhhhhhh* feeling of seeing something turn out okay.

i also finished the larger-sized london beanie for my dad. here's gabe giving it a try:

and so that you can see the difference in sizes between the two patterns, here's gabe modeling the original london beanie:

i'm currently working on another larger one for my brother-in-law, since the one i'd made earlier wasn't going to be big enough. i cast on for that one this a.m. while watching navy blue and gold from 1937, starring jimmy stewart and robert young on tcm. i have about 10 more rounds, and then the decreases. and then it's one more beanie and i am done with christmas knitting.

speaking of christmas and knitting, i had asked the huz to get me last minute knitted gifts and scarf style for christmas, and he ordered them last week at amazon. however, they won't be shipped until january 17.

well, that simply won't do!

so our plan is to go to both the local barnes and noble and borders and see if they still have them in their store stock; if they do, he'll buy them and then cancel his amazon order. while it would be kind of cool to think that christmas will still be arriving in january for me, i am not a patient gal.

nor am i full of self-control. allow me to share a typical scene at our house:

i get very scroogey when it comes to my diet dr. pepper, as can be evidenced by the size of cup i gave to mike at dinner time:

i am hoping that i can create and stick to a resolution for 2005 that will eventually leave me less dependent on this always-beckoning elixir and more dependent on things my body really needs, like water. i just hope i don't trick myself into considering that there actually is water in diet dr. pepper, thereby relishing the loophole in my resolution.

speaking of relish, i am about to relish a meeting with the wonderful lisa of knittikins fame. how cool is that? she and her huz are making their way through my area on the way to some family visits, and we're going to meet up. i'm so excited!

before i sign off, i have to direct you to nancy. she has a picture of viggo mortensen bringing her some tidings of joy under the mistletoe. you have to see for yourself!

December 20, 2004

baby, it's cold outside

but i've got my smokin' needles to keep me warm. i finished marah's poncho (sort of):

as you can see, i still need to do the weaving bit, as well as add the fringe. it won't be an xmas surprise, because i had to try it on her to make sure it would fit her. i had used 10 1/2's instead of 13's, and while i think 13's would've been a better idea, the 10 1/2's were fine. could it stand to be a little bigger? yeah. does it still fit her? yeah. will i complain? not at the moment. anyway, i enjoyed doing the crochet bind-off and found that it really made for a nice edge. it was the first time i'd used that method, and it won't be the last.

i went and met with heather on sunday at a coffee shop to knit. but we didn't knit one stitch. no purls, either. know why? the rowan magpie wool i bought for my dad's london beanie was a tangled mess. heather was kind enough to sit there and do the majority of the untangling. we (mostly she) worked at it for two hours straight, while we enjoyed our orange rooibus tea, chatting away about all sorts of stuff.

here she is, with her fabulous wine-colored lamb's pride bag, pre-felted. great work, girl!

anyway, when i got home, i worked four more hours until i saw that he was on abc family. mike kindly volunteered to finish unraveling the mess while i sat and watched this:

oh, yeah, i watched the rest of the cast in the movie, too. i mean, there were other people in the movie, right? i, uh, well, um . . .

i'm almost done with my dad's london beanie, done in a larger size, thanks to this. it is turning out really nicely, and i hope to be done with it by tonight. i love how knitters are sharing all of these awesome ideas and fixes for things in this wonderful knitblog world of ours. i have only one awesome and wonderful thing to share with you right now:

December 17, 2004

shiny happy entries holding hands

it's fun to think back to things you used to think when you were a kid. like when i'd hear the heat miser's song from the year without a santa claus , i used to think that he sang:

"whatever I touch/it turns to melt."

the real lyrics are "whatever I touch/starts to melt in my clutch," but "turns to melt" just sounded good to me at the time. it still kinda does. of course, i made the big mistake of telling the huz about that, so now it's a ritual to be teased, which i enjoy for some weird reason.

anyway, i love feeling like a kid again, and it does indeed always happen this time of year. sometimes my inner little girl will show her chubby cheeks when it's time to catch lightning bugs, but usually she surfaces in december, sticks around for a few snowball fights, and then vanishes and leaves me with a renewed sense of self, as well as a fresh approach to lingering woes.

here's something i used to do and have tried to continue the tradition, although my memory fails me often. i have this dictionary that used to be my grandfather's, aka pop. pop died when i was 9, but i still hear him telling me not to pick my nose and can catch a glimpse of him in his dark-rimmed glasses if i don't try too hard to imagine it perfectly. so yes, somehow i became the owner of this dictionary, which is totally cool, because it has an entry for the beatles, complete with little b&w photo. anyway, i had begun this tradition of writing the date on the inside cover page, sometime close to either christmas or new year's.

it looks like i started this when i was 16. since it's on my mind now, i'm going to write in it now so that i don't forget and feel like a schmuck when it's january 2 (which is usually when my inner little girl is starting to pack her things).

knitting. i have worked a little on the poncho for marah. it's been crazy here, so i did it when i could, which would include stoplights and traffic jams. susan understands. does anyone else out there do this? it was actually kind of relaxing, and it helped me forget that i really needed to, uh, say good-bye to the three diet cokes i had at lunch.

one of my friends, who now lives in the bahamas, had a baby girl last month. i'm going to make her the umbilical cord hat from snb, along with a pair of one-hour booties from snb nation. i'm psyched. i went with plymouth encore ( colorspun in 7990 and chunky in 241 ) for ease in washing as well as ease in wallet :)

i'm very excited to share this with you: this was one of our gifties today at our family gift exchange:

it's a vintage lamp, yes. but do you see the color, gentle reader? (i always wanted to say "gentle reader, so humor me, especially if you're not gentle.) it's ORANGE. is it not delicious? i would say that it is indeed scrumptuous. i am excited to work on replacing the lampshade with something a little more, er, non-toxic. any ideas?

i also got me some of these orange gifties today as well.

life in orange is good.

December 15, 2004

feeling a little (bah hum)buggy

i don't know why, but i've been a little grinchy this week. i've had a pestering headache, which hasn't helped. i tried to make me-self happy - i bought pops,

i watched
tcm three out of three mornings so far this week, i even had a friend over today and made oreo balls to eat with her, but i still was kind of grumpy.

ah well.

we've had a busy week so far. monday was kind of open, but tuesday we went to a local nursing home and our homeschool girl scout troop performed a little christmas pageant for the folks there. here's a picture of marah during the bell-ringing portion of the show.

she also played "Good King Wenceslas" on the piano, which was a big step for this shy girl. (she had no choice, being that i'm the troop leader and i was emceeing the event and put her name in the program, but still, yay marah!)

i have started her yarn harlot poncho using the blackberry
peruvian collection highland wool from elann. it's really a fun pattern and is my first poncho, so, you know, it's just fun! i had a bit of a stupidity attack when casting on, mainly because it calls for a 29" length circular needle and my stitches wouldn't stretch to join in a round. duh, michelle - use a smaller length or dpns and move up as you increase. yeah, i knew this, but i just thought i'd play stupid for a little bit and see if i'd get on my own nerves. it worked!

here's moe howard, playing the role of a trendy poncho-wearing shy chick:

tomorrow we go to see the nutcracker ballet. it starts early in the a.m. (early=9:45) i'm looking forward to it, b/c my parents are joining me and the kids, but it also means no tcm tomorrow morning. spending the time together in such a festive way will be well worth the sacrifice. besides, this morning's movie was a real dud.

thanks for all your kind sock comments! since you were all so nice, i'll do no more sock puns. hey, by the way, don't you think moe howard looks very socksy in that poncho? oops. that one just happened to slip out. not really.

December 13, 2004

*alert* sock-obsessed knitter *alert*

i did it! i watched tcm this morning and sat there and finished up my socks! see?

i have to say, these were a lot of fun. no wonder some of you are so sock-crazy! here i am wearing them (ignore the pajamas):

my right leg is a little bigger than my left because of the broken leg thing. i don't know when that's going down, but i'm thinking now might be good.

this is such a busy week. every year around this time, i swear that i will never let myself get too busy, and then bam! it happens. i guess it's just natural, with all the fun stuff going on. but still. i just want to stop and smell the pine tree! oh wait, we have an artificial tree. drat.

guess what?! i have a new knitting buddy!!!! heather and i met up at a coffee shop on sunday and sat and chatted and knitted for two hours. she's working on a felted bag, her first, and she taught herself to use the circulars last weekend. she's doing a great job! heather chose a pretty wine color from lamb's pride, and it's gorgeous. did i take a picture so i could show it off? no, because i'm stoopid. i brought the camera, though. it sat undisturbed in my knitting bag the entire two hours. duh. anyway, i had a great time. thanks, heather!

her husband made her a very simple yet very ingenious design for her knitting pleasure. she has a shoe box, and he made a hole at the end of it, so she puts her yarn in it and strings it through the hole. it sounds very simple, and it is - it's one of those "why didn't i think of that?" moments.

now that i'm done with these fun socks, i'm going to start up marah's poncho, make a few london beanie presents, and then figure out what i'll do for valentine's presents.

heh, just kidding :)

December 11, 2004

sock-sess hasn't spoiled me yet

you tired yet of these sock puns? i hope not, b/c i'm obsessed with socks right now. why? because i finished a sock! it is lonely and is waiting for its mate. hopefully she will be somewhat identical to the first one. i am just so excited!!!!!

the heel is called a square heel, and apparently it is an easier type to do than a typical heel. it is also called a "common heel," but the pattern designer said that that's a strange name, because it isn't common.

i did try it on, and it fits like a dream. i'm so psyched! my feet get very cold at night (i can put a heap of blankets on them and they act like i'm subjecting them to penguin world in antarctica), and i usually have to wear socks. these are really warm and cozy . . . and made by me. i have wanted to knit socks for over a year now. wow. what a sense of accomplishment i'm feeling! i wish i could yawp like howard dean, scary as it was.

i went into a lys today (oh susanna) and it was one of those comedy of errors moments. in the first place, the shop is just stuffed with yarn. i happen to like it, but others have complained (i have written about this before). anyway, this lady knows her stuff. i asked her if she had rowan yarn. (i'm making another london beanie.) yes, she said. what kind? magpie, i said. yes, she said. what color? something in the navy line? she walks right over to this shelf that is hidden behind a couple of boxes of yarn and shows me a whole cubicle filled with rowan magpie. as she searches, a bunch of it tumbles out all over those boxes. she doesn't flinch. i just marvel at all of it, hoping my drool doesn't land on any merchandise. i think i'm being helpful by holding some sample sweaters back, and then it happens - they all fall down. there are about seven sweaters in all, beautifully knit up and happily on display, and i made them fall. it was a true charlie brown moment. she didn't seem to be upset, but i apologized until i think that was bothering her. oh well.

i did find out that magpie is discontinued, as well as magpie tweed. i tried to find a pic on the web so i could show you the shades i bought, but they're nearly impossible to find (the shades, that is). once i finish the beanie, you'll see the colors, but i'll tell you now, i got a navy tweed and a colonial blue that is one of the flecks in the tweed for the accent stripes. i'm making this beanie for my dad for christmas, and his head is larger than the average bear, so i'm going to have to increase the pattern as well as add those knitted rounds in between the decreases (something else i'd written about earlier).

i hope to begin my second sock tonight. i am also considering adding some leaves to the flower i put on my mom's cloche. any ideas on if that's necessary or not? i was just going to knit two of the petals in some green peace fleece that i have and sew them on. we'll see. woohoo!

December 10, 2004

if at first you don't sock-seed . . .

okay, i have tried this two times in the past and have met with a major lack of success. but last night, i decided to give it another try. behold!

can you believe it? i hardly can! i'm doing socks! i bought this yarn and pattern early last summer, and it's finally making sense to me. i'm so excited!

i'm using a pattern called "first time socks" by cabin fever. they make it so very easy, telling you how many stitches you'll have on each needle, etc. they use a five-needle method, and it is less and less scary with each round. the yarn i'm using is plymouth encore colorspun in #7009, which is a blend of off-white and light blue. it's worsted weight, which is a little heavy for socks, but hey, it's what the pattern calls for, and who am i to question that? i'm a sock neophyte, that's what!

another exciting part of the day was finding out that i'm finally being recognized on bloglines. yay! (i won't even tell you that it was because i had the one site feed thing turned to "no." oh wait, i just did tell you. oops.)

the final exciting part of the day was making christmas cookies with my mom. she came over with some delish chocolate chunk cookie dough that she had whipped up at home. it was the recipe on the back of the baker's chocolate bag, and it was incredible! i was in charge of cut-outs, so i looked up a recipe and found one on that was from the 50's. it was perfect and tasted just like the cookies i'd made with her when i was a kid. we had fun! here's my momma:

well, i'm working on the heel flap now on the sock, and i'm anxious to continue and to knit until i see double. does anyone have any vision problems when they're knitting for awhile, where you look up from your knitting and can't see clearly? i hope not, but i also hope it isn't just me.

thanks for all yer sweetiepie comments! :)

December 09, 2004

if you ever want to win money,

then play simpsons jeopardy with me, and play for money. i was the winner tonight in our house when we played it, but that was sheer luck. i swear, i've been watching the simpsons for years, but the answers to these questions just evaded me. the name of homer's bat? don't ask me.

i was all set to make a scarf to tie around my mom's cloche, but as i was working on the scarf, it just didn't seem right. so i came across this pattern on georgia's on my mind blog, and i realized it was the perfect fit for this hat. so i grabbed some leftover cascade quatro that i had used last spring for a felted purse, knitted up a flower, and sewed it on:

i hope she likes it. if she doesn't, i'll keep it, b/c i do!

my big happy news for the day is that marah, my dd, gave knitting another shot. marah is an adhd kiddo, so it's hard for her to focus on something that takes patience without getting extremely frustrated. as i was showing her a cast on, she was getting a little grumpy, because she said i'd showed her this last year, which is true. but that was last year, and she hadn't knitted, or actually cast on, since then. so i just kept making her laugh until her good mood returned. in the end, she did very well. i had given her some arucania nature wool leftover from yet another felted bag from last year, and she just did some garter stitch with that on some 9's. then, i told her she could make a little sleeping bag for her beanies if she knitted a long, wide strip and then folded up the end and sewed it to the other one along the edges.

well, nothing could hold her back! fortunately i had just organized my stash this a.m. so she could really see her options clearly. she chose some pretty blue angel hair and cast on with some stubbies in 17.

here's my proud knitter:

she managed to finish, with my help here and there. i'm so proud of her for sticking with it.

gabe kept himself busy by taking self-portraits like this one:

i just want to thank all of my readers for being so nice all the time. i appreciate each and every kind word and message and comment and email. i feel very lucky to have stumbled across this knitblog world, yup i do.


i woke up and, seeing what was facing me, realized i couldn't face it any longer. my stash was a MESS. i had it all neatly piled in a wicker basket at one time. but then i'd buy some more, well, you know the story. i'm sure you've been through it yourself.

i dumped out my basket-runneth-over on the bed.

out of the corner of my eye, i saw a tower of bin/drawers that my husband bought me last year. it just had silly things in it, like porcelain cups i had wanted to paint this summer, some random scraps of construction paper, and a handful of page protectors.

taking a cue from the organization queen, lauren, i decided to evict the current bin residents and organize my stash according to type and/or weight. i'm happy to say i finished this task this morning and am already admiring the empty spot on the floor where my former stash resided.


last night i finished mike's london beanie, using various leftovers of previously made beanies' yarns (mostly lion brand and plymouth encore). the problem is, it looks like this:

while the original is much longer (just go to the link above).

i consulted with susan, my beanie guru, and hers turned out short as well. i had wondered if, in the directions, where they give you the decrease instructions, they assumed that you knew to add in a "knit one round" in between each decrease, because it didn't say to do that. i, in fact, didn't do it, but wondered, b/c every other beanie pattern i've worked on has had that instruction in between their decrease rounds. however, this pattern seemed to be very direct and informative, such as telling you exactly when to switch to dpn's and color jog information. well, if anyone else has made the london beanie and has turned up with a long one, like the pic, let me know!

speaking of color jogs, check this out:

color jogs! mine aren't usually this noticeable. i guess that's something i need to learn about. i know there are tons of websites with valuable information about them. i think since i won't be doing any more colorwork before the holidays, i'll just put it on my post-xmas plan of action as an area to study. i have no problem doing colorwork when it's not in the round. but give me those circs and another color of yarn, and bam, it's jog city.

speaking of library books (just humor me here), mine were due on tuesday. the videos were due last tuesday. now, before you assume anything, i DID return the videos . . . albeit a day late. that's 8 videos times $2 a day. oopsies. the books are $.10 a day, and i have maybe 15, so that will definitely begin to add up. i could have renewed online, but i knew i had that video fine and wouldn't be allowed to. i wish i were more responsible. our libraries are really suffering from funding cuts and stuff here, so maybe my irresponsibility is actually benefitting someone for a change.

now that's the best tasting pickle i ever hoid.

December 08, 2004

i can see

i can see the local elementary school from my bedroom window, and it brings back memories. when i was a kid, i hated going to school, and i could see my elementary school from our bathroom window. i used to wonder why i couldn't see my house from the school. i still wonder about that.

anyway, for lisa, this is a pic of gabe with the hat on, for reference.

marah wanted to get in the picture, too. as you can see, neither child is really ready and facing the day. there was a tom and jerry movie on tv. it's december. i'm busy. we're taking it kind of easy these days, as far as school is concerned. that's just how decembers are here. by the way, marah's name rhymes with laura. i named her that because i always liked the name, back when i was a "guiding light" fan. i don't watch soaps anymore (despite a very embarrassing addiction to "passions" this summer when my leg was broken and i was desperate for entertainment), but i clung to the name and gave it to my daughter. she likes it, i think.

when i went to the snb nation booksigning last week, i told marah that i was upset with the fact that i'd be missing the o.c. she said, "why do you like that show, anyway?" my answer was:

but later i thought more about it and realized that he looks a lot like:

that kind of diminishes my interest. i was never really a barney rubble fan.

then, i thought about other celebrity look-alikes, and i came up with this:

jimmy fallon


buster keaton.

don't they look alike? i think they do. my sis called last night to tell me that turner classic movies was having a buster-keaton-athon, so i ended up watching it (duh). i fell asleep, though, during spite marriage, which blows because i hadn't seen that one before. oh well. if you have never seen any silent movies before, i highly recommend you check out any buster keaton flick. charlie chaplin always gets the fame, but buster keaton is just ingenious.