the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

December 13, 2004

*alert* sock-obsessed knitter *alert*

i did it! i watched tcm this morning and sat there and finished up my socks! see?

i have to say, these were a lot of fun. no wonder some of you are so sock-crazy! here i am wearing them (ignore the pajamas):

my right leg is a little bigger than my left because of the broken leg thing. i don't know when that's going down, but i'm thinking now might be good.

this is such a busy week. every year around this time, i swear that i will never let myself get too busy, and then bam! it happens. i guess it's just natural, with all the fun stuff going on. but still. i just want to stop and smell the pine tree! oh wait, we have an artificial tree. drat.

guess what?! i have a new knitting buddy!!!! heather and i met up at a coffee shop on sunday and sat and chatted and knitted for two hours. she's working on a felted bag, her first, and she taught herself to use the circulars last weekend. she's doing a great job! heather chose a pretty wine color from lamb's pride, and it's gorgeous. did i take a picture so i could show it off? no, because i'm stoopid. i brought the camera, though. it sat undisturbed in my knitting bag the entire two hours. duh. anyway, i had a great time. thanks, heather!

her husband made her a very simple yet very ingenious design for her knitting pleasure. she has a shoe box, and he made a hole at the end of it, so she puts her yarn in it and strings it through the hole. it sounds very simple, and it is - it's one of those "why didn't i think of that?" moments.

now that i'm done with these fun socks, i'm going to start up marah's poncho, make a few london beanie presents, and then figure out what i'll do for valentine's presents.

heh, just kidding :)