the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

December 07, 2004

i was thinking of making this post word-free,

because i think i talk too much. i even asked my friend rosealee if i talked too much. she's honest enough to tell me if i do, but she said no. so unless she just wasn't herself today, it's possible that my wordiness is all in my head.

anyway, i wanted to show some post-felting results on my classic cloche for my mom.

do you like how cluttered my countertop is? i have the hat blocking and drying on the kitchen counter, and behind it you can see a collection of those supermarket cookbooks - you know, the ones that are right above the conveyor belt? i have way too many. some of them i haven't cracked open for years, but i can't seem to part with them. it is a mess that serves no purpose, but is loved none the less.

anyway, the hat is a little big, and it's kind of funny when you put it on for that reason. my mom seems to think she has a really mega large head, so i think she'll like it. she was 10 lbs when she was born, and she thinks most of the weight was her head. i think her head is the same size as everyone else's, in which case this hat will be a little big on her. however, i'm making a scarf to tie around it, and that might make it a little more snug. i was really worried that this off-white wool wouldn't felt, and i shared my worries with lisa, who assuaged my fears by reminding me of other peoples' off-white felted success.

i made these cookies for my girl scout meeting today, but i ended up not having to part with them because one of the moms in the troop had already signed up for snack today. these are just way too good, and not because i made them. it's because the recipe is so yummeh.

it is sooo foggy here! i feel sorry for gabe, because he had wanted to see jupiter passing behind the crescent moon tonight . however, as i read more closely, it appears that this event happened this morning around 3 or 4, so we would've missed it anyway. oops.

finally, here's our christmas tree. since i don't have the wits about me to decorate the blog like my talented blogpals have been doing, this picture will have to suffice.

we switched back to an artificial tree this year. i kinda miss the scent when i'd vacuum the fallen pine needles. maybe i'll get a pine tree car freshener for christmas to make up for it. if i were famous and i made that comment in a magazine or on tv, legions of fans would send me little pine tree car fresheners. somehow, i feel that i'm safe from that deluge.

check out how cool nancy is - she made rice sweat!