the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

December 10, 2004

if at first you don't sock-seed . . .

okay, i have tried this two times in the past and have met with a major lack of success. but last night, i decided to give it another try. behold!

can you believe it? i hardly can! i'm doing socks! i bought this yarn and pattern early last summer, and it's finally making sense to me. i'm so excited!

i'm using a pattern called "first time socks" by cabin fever. they make it so very easy, telling you how many stitches you'll have on each needle, etc. they use a five-needle method, and it is less and less scary with each round. the yarn i'm using is plymouth encore colorspun in #7009, which is a blend of off-white and light blue. it's worsted weight, which is a little heavy for socks, but hey, it's what the pattern calls for, and who am i to question that? i'm a sock neophyte, that's what!

another exciting part of the day was finding out that i'm finally being recognized on bloglines. yay! (i won't even tell you that it was because i had the one site feed thing turned to "no." oh wait, i just did tell you. oops.)

the final exciting part of the day was making christmas cookies with my mom. she came over with some delish chocolate chunk cookie dough that she had whipped up at home. it was the recipe on the back of the baker's chocolate bag, and it was incredible! i was in charge of cut-outs, so i looked up a recipe and found one on that was from the 50's. it was perfect and tasted just like the cookies i'd made with her when i was a kid. we had fun! here's my momma:

well, i'm working on the heel flap now on the sock, and i'm anxious to continue and to knit until i see double. does anyone have any vision problems when they're knitting for awhile, where you look up from your knitting and can't see clearly? i hope not, but i also hope it isn't just me.

thanks for all yer sweetiepie comments! :)