the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

December 23, 2004

orange knittikins

today was the day i got to meet lisa! i was so excited! i got up this morning and finished up my last knitted gift - another london beanie. i had finished one yesterday morning, too, so i am officially done. yes!

marah is modeling the larger london beanie #3. this one was done using the remainder of the rowan magpie that i had used for the first larger london beanie. i love that yarn. it's a shame it's been discontinued. fortunately, one of my lys still has a bunch of it, so . . . that makes for a happy me.

i did this, and all of the larger london beanies, on size 8 addi turbo circs, along with size 8 clover bamboo dpns. i like how the dpns make the tops of the beanies kind of swirly:

this one (larger london beanie #2) was done using some black wool that i bought at a little yarn shop/sheep farm in belleplain, new jersey, called north country knits. cute little place.

after i finished the magpie beanie, i got ready to go and meet lisa and her huz, ben! marah decided to come with me. we talked and had lunch, but i couldn't stay long because i had a bunch of errands to run for tomorrow night (we're having christmas eve at our house for my family). we are already thinking of meeting up again at a place that is equidistant from both of us.

lisa is a real sweetie! she's so adorable and fun. i really enjoyed meeting her! she brought along her audrey purse, which ben knitted, and the lining she put in it was really awesome. she - and he - did a great job! i also got to meet stevie , which was great. the cables were so thick - she's doing a wonderful job on that, her first sweater and first cables project! i admire her for taking a bite out of a big project like that. go lisa!

she gave me and marah some hello kitty "stitch markers" (aka shoe charms). we are really going to enjoy using these on our knitting projects! thanks, lisa!

now i have to cook, bake and cook some more. i hope everyone has a wonderfully merry christmas!