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January 28, 2005

the line has been crossed

you know, the line that no husband in his right mind should ever cross? yes, that's right - i'm talking about

invading a woman's purse!

last night, i had to go to a meeting. when i got back home, the kids came running to the door to tell me that cloudy had had a few more "accidents" last night. great.

"she's hiding right now."

double great.

"dad was worried that she'd do something in your closet because she kept running in there, so he's cleaning it out."

cleaning it out (out out out out) *insert echo here*

triple great.

i look down at them, one eye twitching, as they continue in their unintentional pursuit to unknowingly drive me mad.

"and look, mom! we got some treasures out of your old purses. he's cleaning those out, too."

now, wait just a minute here! cloudy isn't going to make boom boom in my purse.

this, dear friends, is where my husband has crossed the line.

i already leave the door open when i go to the bathroom. my every waking minute is spent teaching my children or cleaning the house or cooking dinner. (i signed up for those roles, and i enjoy them. no complaints here.) but my purse? that's mine. no one needs to go in there but me. it's where i keep subtle reminders of who i am, right down to each grocery store receipt, inkless pen, and band-aid wrapper.

i think the worst part of it was when dh came downstairs and told me i had too many gum wrappers in my purse.

don't get me wrong - i love my husband. see, i am a very temperamental gal. he puts up with a lot and even spoils me something rotten. if i'm out of diet dr. pepper and he's in his pj's already, he'll get dressed and run to the store to get me some. he's a really wonderful guy.

but what got into him last night? what made him decide to invade such a sacred-to-me place? i guess that seeing as how he has forgiven me for a multitude of sins, i'll do likewise, this time. maybe when the aroma of cloudy's little "present" hit his nose, he went crazy and didn't know what he was doing. yeah, that's it. insanity by reason of cat crap.

but next time, if it happens again, i may have to sneak more than one of his goldberg peanut chews out of his secret stash to get even. then we'll see who feels violated. ha!