the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

January 18, 2005


duh. no one told me that when you shut the trunk of your car, you shouldn't put your head in the direct line of fire of said trunk. um, yeah. ouch.

all ouchies subsided (or at least became forgotten) when i got to the front door today after a very long day - there was a big yellow envelope. see, a few days ago, the wonderful wendy of zibibbo fame told me to be on the lookout for a big yellow envelope. could this be the same one? oh yeah, baby! check out the sweet generosity of that sweetie in sicily:

(bad picture, great yarn)
this was some gorgeous turquoise sparkle and fluff that i'd admired in a scarf that she had made. "marah (my dd) would love that," i said. so she sent some to me with a note - "for your kiddo." marah was quite happy :)

but you know, i also got some of this:

it's orange yarn!!! hot hogjaws! i was so excited. wait, what's with the past tense?! i still AM excited!

life is much better in the present tense.

wendy, thank you!!!!

hey, did you ever use a pressure cooker? i did, but only once. i bought this great one last year, used it once, and put it away. i guess i was freaked by all those creepy stories about them blowing up in your kitchen or growing feet and arms and grabbing your children and selling them to carny folk. well anyway, i dug it up out of the disaster that is my downstairs linen closet (oh elisa? wanna come and pull some of your ocd magic on my house?) and managed to create a really awesome din-din with it last night - pasta e fagioli. man, it was good! the recipe was from lorna j. sass's vegetarian cooking under pressure, a cookbook i recommend highly. if you want to use a pressure cooker. or if you have one and don't necessarily want to use it, but feel obligated to for whatever reason. and you eat vegetarian. even if only on occasion. okay, shutting up. now.

i bid you adieu by sharing with you a beautiful mid-atlantic winter sunset (taken by a mediocre photographer using her mediocre camera):