the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

January 06, 2005


i was a little fearful of these little kate moss inspired dpns. i mean, size 2 and all. the smallest i'd used before was a 5. but you know, they really aren't that bad! fortunately i haven't wanted to snap them in between my fingers in a moment of frustration, so they may last.

here's a wip shot of the one i'm working on now:

i've enjoyed this sock so much that i've almost kept myself away from it. does that make sense? it's like i'm being a miser with myself. maybe i think i don't deserve the sock. maybe i need to get out more.

i'll admit, i am 80% on the way to getting cabin fever. no, we have no snow. yes, i have a car and can drive it. but i haven't wanted to leave, really. like tonight - i could run to a.c. moore and get that last ball of giglio for the yo! drop it scarf, but it's so foggy out, and i don't feel like dealing with that. yesterday, it was a little icy. the day before, too rainy. are these excuses, or am i just being responsible? or is being responsible an excuse?

do i know what i'm talking about anymore? in a way, but not 100%.

today i taught 4 people (3 were young girls) how to knit. i have 19 people coming to the junior knitters club next week. i'm kind of nervous because many of them have either not knitted yet or are new to knitting, and i'm worried that i won't be able to pay enough attention to each person to help them enjoy their club time. i am excited, though, because i'm going to show them how to make knitting journals, using a covered composition book technique that Denise from creative exile kindly shared with me. i can get cheap composition books (like 4/$1) at a local amish grocery/discount store. i am majorly psyched.

marah knitted today! she was working on a cat toy from her new knitting book, and she learned how to knit two together. i was very proud :) the tough thing is, she's using some of my leftover cascade 220 quattro, and the plies are splitting right and left. she's having a hard time judging if something is a stitch or a split. while it is tough, i can help her through it knowing that any future ply splitting will be a piece of cake for her! or maybe a piece of ply. :p