the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

February 27, 2005

a fun & fast weekend

is it friday yet? wait, it's sunday evening. how did the weekend go so fast? well, at least i have a bunch of stuff to show (and tell) for it!

fun things first! the delightful
sUsAn and i met up at a lys this weekend to put faces to our names, which was megafun. sUsAn said she could finally put a voice to my blog. i'd never thought of that and told her that if i knew that that was her agenda, i wished i'd greeted her with a deep, manly baritone instead of my typical squawky squeak.

anyway, we were so excited to meet, and i think the planets must've been lined up in the yarn constellation because the lys we went to was having a sale. we walked in and were greeted with "everything in this basket is 40% off, this one is 20% . . ." and we just stood there, like hungry clownfish chancing upon some really dirty anemones. what? sorry for the image. i was tired of the typical "kids in a candy store."

this is what i got:

clockwise, from the top right: debbie bliss cashmerino aran, crystal palace cotton chenille, artful yarns ballet, filati ff's shine (in two different colors - mulberry and sky), some locally spun merino silk for ene's scarf (ha, like i'll ever get to that), some opal sock yarn in orange and pink, and some green crystal palace splash for marah.

susan begifted me with the orange opal magic sock yarn! (thank you, friend!) and we both grabbed us some pink opal magic, which we'd both been craving for quite some time.

do you like how i didn't take a picture of this historical meeting? yeah, me too. i brought my camera. i even remembered i had it when i dropped it (inside my purse) as i knelt down to check out a yarn clearance basket. but i totally forgot to say cheese. oh well. you'll just have to imagine the meeting. insert my manly baritone voice and you can have some audio to dwell on.

here's a project update: i am currently sashing up kyoto, and once that's done, it's all downhill from here. (take that anyway you like). apparently they say that the hardest part of this sweater is the putting together. since "they" could be someone big, hairy and mean, i will try not to anger them and will struggle every second while putting kyoto together, just to make sure i don't prove "they" wrong. (that should read "them," but i was going for the effect.) cross your fingers or, if you can, your toes. i can't, but i need all the luck i can get.

and here's an fo - the peacockial scarf. it's done using some teal choo choo (crystal palace) and some olive colored trendsetter eyelash. marah's new marshmallow peep is modeling it for us.

speaking of models, i am tired enough to admit that i spent about six hours yesterday watching america's next top model, season 3. susan, did you put something in that water you gave me? anyway, there were no marshmallow peeps, but the girl who won has the last name of "pig"don, so i guess that's close enough.

to sign off, here's a shot of marah and gabe at last weekend's maple sugar demonstration. gabe's holding some maple sugar cotton candy. *insert shudder here* that stuff is sweet with a capital cavity!

February 22, 2005

mutt post

this post is a mutt because it's a mix of this and that. this is what happens when you don't post for over 4 days. you have a bunch of stuff that doesn't connect very well (except for the fact that you lived through it) because it doesn't have a short period of time holding it together nicely and neatly. first, we'll tackle the non-knitting news:

a. i had to remove this part - it was only me talking about taking 100 scouts to nyc this summer. but whenever this part is up, my sidebar keeps moving down to the bottom of my page. what in the world?!

b. my diagnosis has changed (i think). it's a bulging disc that has me all ouchy. i went for some physical therapy today. it wasn't half bad, although i'm not sure that electric stimulation thing really does anything other than make you feel like you're in a bad sci fi movie from the 50s.

c. we're going to maine this summer with my parents. my mom is a little afraid of bears. i told her they can't get in the cottage we're renting. my question is, can they? the wildest thing i have in my world is a hungry child. and they're rather easy to tame. so, anyone know anything about maine bears?

knitty stuff
a. i now officially have too many wips going on. i did shorten the list by finishing up the drop-stitch table runner i made:

uh, it's orange.

i did it on size 15s with the cortez expedition i got from

dj runnels.

b. another wip: my lucy bag, which i'm doing in lamb's pride shade "orange you glad" and some pretty manos del uruguay. i had intended to throw in the manos every now and then to give it a big slub effect. however, mike told me that he thought my bag looks like tigger.

that isn't exactly the look i was going for. now i'm not so hot about this bag. pffft.

c. of course, i'm still doing
kyoto and am almost done with sleeve 2. then it's the sash, the putting together, and the wearing. finally.

d. i also started up a fun scarf using some crystal palace choo choo and trendsetter eyelash. personally, i don't like eyelash yarn. i have used it in the past, and it is okay, or, as randy jackson says, "it's just alright for me, dude." but the choo choo is a teal and olive blend, and the eyelash is olive. it has a very peacockial effect, and i happen to like that bird. so i'll post a pic and you can tell me how ew it is or isn't. just please don't say it looks like tigger.

e. the wonderful
elisa is beyond wonderful. she sent me some beautiful orangey jaeger matchmaker merino and some fun bath beads, along with a really sweetiecue card. she rocks . . . and rolls. when ds gabe saw the bath beads, his face lit up. know why? not b/c he imagined his mom finally getting some peace and quiet and time to herself in a nice hot bath. no. it was because he thought it was candy. somehow i don't think he'd like the taste of them. thank you, sweet elisa!

f. i got some eros in for some fun spring scarves. here's a pic, along with elisa's jaeger:

thanks to
amy for giving me the color for the easter egg eros!

g. finally, this is non-knitting, but a knit blogger tagged me with the tv meme. thanks,
erica, for the tag!

1. How much space is left on your Tivo or Comcast Box? Well, considering that I don't have either, I'd have to go with the obvious answer: marshmallows.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of TV series and if so, which one? No, although I've implied a beg or two for the first series of the OC. Hint duly ignored.

3. What was the last TV show that you watched before reading this message?American Idol.

4. List five shows you won't miss. Must see TV: American Idol, The OC, The Apprentice, Surreal Life 4, and, arrested development. I like to catch Passions, but you won't hear me admitting it.

5. Name 3 people to whom you will pass this stick. Since I took a bat's lifetime to respond to this tagging, I think I'm safe in saying that everyone has probably already done this one.

Sorry this was so long. Ew.

February 18, 2005

today, i'm half of a 70 year old

i was born on this day in 1970. here are some other monumental things that happened in 1970:

1. paul mccartney announces that the beatles have disbanded

2. apollo 13 returned to earth, and the first earth day is celebrated.

3. both the ford pinto and the american motors gremlin were introduced.

4. the first known exploding whale incident occurred. (i'll spare you the pictures)

5. J. Lo, Mariah Carey, and Lara Flynn Boyle were also born this year (again, i'll spare you the pictures).

this has been a pretty exciting week. earlier i received some raok's:

it's more orange yarn!!!! wooooooooohooooooooo!
orange regia sock yarn and some orange filatura di crosa orange cotton. orange orange orange!
thanks to
cara and michelle for these lovely gifties. what to do, what to do!

i have one fo to report: i had this yarn from a year ago. no label, no nothing. it's a ribbon yarn (woohoo!) with a few strings hanging from it. i decided to make it up into another yo, drop it! drop stitch scarf:

it's really long (i doubled it up in the photo) . i'm finding that i'm only catching onto trends when they're already gone. i hated novelty yarn scarves when they were "in," but now i'm really starting to like them. i feel kind of gross in that respect. like the girl who wears high fashion items when they've hit the clearance bin. just behind in the times i guess.

maybe that's because i'm half of 70. :)

February 14, 2005

my funny valentine

does anyone remember when ralph malph sang "my funny valentine" on happy days? well, i'd like to share with you the details of my very funny valentine.

my valentine is so oddly funny. his sense of humor is so subtle and dry, which is one reason why i'm so attracted to him. he and i love to sit and watch shows like family guy with tears in our eyes because we're laughing so hard. fortunately, our darling children have the same sense of humor. otherwise, they'd just think we're weirdos. there's time enough for that line of thinking when they hit teendom.

my valentine is also very sweet. he knows what mama likes. see? proof is in the pudding, er, presents:

(that's an orange sharpie, diet dr pepper (he got me two bottles!), an orange gamecube controller, and a buster keaton dvd set.)

but most of all, my valentine is very loving. he'll miss the latest episode of teen titans just to fix my parents' computer. he'll come home hungry and tired from work at 9:30 at night, after having just eaten his first meal of the entire day only minutes before, but he'll still sit and read to the kids before they go to bed. he'll run to Office Max after working on a sunday afternoon in order to get me ink and paper for the printer so that i won't fret about the papers i have to print. he'll take my place as day camp director when i do stupid things like stand on a wet log and break my leg. and he'll sit and patiently unravel my tangled yarn while i just sit there and watch tv.

hey valentine. i love you. you're incredible, and i'm blessed. thanks for loving me.


sunday was a great day. i met up with heather and rachel marie at gallery 141 for some knitting fun! rachel brought her sweet little baby, elvira - isn't she cute?

she carries elvira around in a baby sling. it's too precious.

here's heather, working on her big kureyon hat, and rachel, wearing her valentine scarf. at the bottom of each end are some of her handmade felted beads.

and just for proof that i am indeed working on kyoto, here's a shot of me wearing one of the (unseamed) sleeves, which i've recently finished:

i have one more sleeve, the sash, and then the seaming to go, and i'll be all done. i can't help but be psyched! look, even this guy is excited for me:

thanks, everyone, for your help with the whole cd burning issue. i finally figured out how to use windows media player and immediately burned away! thanks for all of your input. it's highly valued and appreciated!

happy heart day!

note to secret pal - thanks for the valentine! it was the only one i got in the mail, which made it doubly special. thanks!

February 11, 2005

a list

i can't find any way to link together anything i have to post about, so i'm listicizing today:

1. i love february. we're still in winter (yay, snow!) but spring is in sight (yay, wildflowers & birds!). aside from that, february is the home of valentine's day - my favorite holiday - and my birthday! i posted a few months ago that yoko ono and i share the same birthday. you have to understand how cool that makes me feel (humor me - not many things make me feel that way!).

2. i got this yummy rowan magpie thru eBay:

i loved the price, and i love the color. heck, i'll go all out here - i just plain old love magpie. rowan has stopped making it (the dummies), so i'm grabbing it as i can. i know our lys still has it in stock (thank goodness the lys owner is a pack rat), but hers is at non-discontinued prices (translate=$13 per skein). it's such a thick and cozy wool. i won 3 skeins of it - just what my stash needed. i think i hear it groaning already. oh wait - that's just my hubby, looking at my paypal history.

3. oc watchers - dude, what's up with sandy? he's a fool. i think those eyebrows of his are applying pressure to his brain or something.

4. i'm running the girl scout day camp this year for our area, and our theme is the middle ages - you know, renaissance, medieval stuff, etc. i've got some ideas going, but i'd appreciate any others - craft ideas, games, etc. if you have any, pass 'em along, please! this would be for girls ages 5 to 17.

5. sweet honey! i was raok'd! check out this sweet little dip bowl and valentine's day spreader:

thanks, wendy g! she also sent cloudy some fun kitty toys (and i got some conversation hearts and heart-shaped confetti). what a sweetie! btw, the bowl came without the guacamole. i just happened to have made some yesterday, and it went perfectly in my new little dip bowl!

6. i'm finally enjoying kyoto. i heard the sleeves were horribly boring, but i'm actually enjoying them. the seed stitch cuff is just so sweet and intricate, and now i'm at the stockinette stitch part. yeah, that can be pretty ho-hummy, but it's perfect for watching my favorite tv shows. it's like a sock - great tv knittin'.

7. but i miss sock knittin'. i have some great opal magic sock yarn waiting for me, but i need to get kyoto done. plus the lucy bag. . . i'm currently in search of some pink opal magic (#1043) sock yarn - if you have some burning a hole in your stash bin, please name your price! someone used it on the sock it to me! sock knit along, and her pink feet look so cute!

8. finally, what cd burning software do you all use? we have deep burner, but it keeps malfunctioning. dh just ordered nero, which i'd used and loved before, but i've got some friends waiting for some cd's and mixes, and i'm tired of waiting. what do you all use?

that's it - except for a little cloudy update. she's doing great! the litterbox is now her friend. unfortunately, she did such damage to the downstairs rug (which was already pretty shoddy) that we're putting in laminate floors. hooray for house projects (not really, but i'm trying to fool myself into doing the work)!

February 08, 2005

happy fastnacht day!

have you had your fastnacht today? if not, feel free to lick the screen:

fastnachts are the pennsylvania dutch's attempt to rid the house of lard and other yummy things (!) in time for self-denial during lent. so they fry up these donuts, called fastnachts, and sometimes sprinkle them with powdered sugar (you can eat 'em plain, too, but yuck). we bought a dozen. there are 3 left now. and yes, that is powdered sugar that you see on my chin! (but not 9 donuts' worth.)

i want to thank you all for your kind get-well wishes, once again. i feel like i need to stop belly-achin' about things, like cloudy's attempt to decorate our downstairs carpet (we're putting in hardwood floors - take that, meowsie!) and my neck pain. i found out today that i have something called mild stenosis, which is like a narrowing of the spinal canal. i hope you've finished licking that fastnacht, i don't want to ruin anyone's appetite. :p

do you know who is wonderful? why, it's allison , the neophyte knitter, and alison, a creative genius, who both sent me lovely raok's! allison with two L's sent me some gorgeous orange wool that was waiting patiently in her stash to be used:

single-L alison sent me some yummy recipe cards. one is for a white chocolate raspberry bar. that beats fastnachts any day! thank you, sweet al(l)isons, you two are truly kind!!

i've been plugging away at kyoto. i'd show you, but it's just the back, front left, and front right sections, all stockinette, all in aqua, all ho-hum. i've decided to do a project in between each section of kyoto so that i don't get bored with it. i'm currently working on the right section but have already started a table runner using the cortez expedition i got from eBay last week. it's more than half-way done, and i'm actually using the yo, drop it! scarf pattern from stitch and bitch and have cast on about 20 stitches to make it table-runner width. it looks very folk-artsy, and i needed me some of that to help balance out cloudy's "creations."

on that appetizing note, don't forget to eat a fastnacht today! (if you don't have any, any donut will do!)

February 06, 2005

is it safe to come out now?

because last week was a big meanie! i had shared the continuing story of cloudy (who is doing much better, meow, thanks), but i didn't tell you about the herniated disc in my neck, or about the tooth i chipped while munching on a pretzel rod, did i? let's just say i made plenty a physician happy last week with my bemoaned state. fortunately i have a humdinger of a mama, who happily came over and took charge until i felt better. thanks, mom!

speaking of pretzels, did you know that in the mid-atlantic region, the average annual per capital consumption of pretzels is twice the amount in the rest of the U.S.? apparently, we each eat 4 lbs a year compared to the rest of you all, at 2 lbs. so, what else do you all snack on?

i have no super segue to go from pretzelspeak to this next topic, so pretend i gave you a real clever one and chuckle here as you continue to read.

my first mittens are completed! these were from a pattern in bev galeskas's felted knits, and they were a very quick knit.
they called for size 10 dpns, but i used 10 1/2's just for the sake of cheapdom. the yarn is nature spun worsted weight in color 109 - spring green. these only took one skein, since each one has a whopping 245 yards. the felting only took a few minutes on these, and they're a perfect fit. woooooooo! now all i need is some snow (none of this melted crud that's outside right now)!

yesterday i was raok'ed! allena of starknits sent me these pretty little stitchmarkers. they're so cute. i had admired the heart one on her blog, so she made sure to send that one to me, along with a pretty red and yellow one:

thank you, allena! you sure made my day!

question for you mozilla users out there - is my blog illegible? sweet colleen , the subway knitter, told me that on mozilla, my orange words blend into my orange yarn background - my second background isn't showing up. i checked it out, and she sure was right. i changed my second background to a bland puce-vomit color, so i'm hoping that helps.

another question - does anyone want to make me a new banner for my blog? this one is boring (i did it so i can say that). i'd like something a tad bit more fun. at this point, anything would be more fun than what i have, so you know, the sky's the limit. if anyone has the technological prowess to do this, i'd appreciate it!

before i sign off, i wanted to share a shot of marah's knitted cat toy with you. she learned the skills of fringe and knit two together on this project. she liked doing fringe; she didn't like k2tog. i offered to show her how to make the fringe all one length, but she wanted the fringe to fall over cloudy's face like those car wash things hang over your windshield. i think she did a great job! her new project is a turquoise (her fave color) washcloth - she's learning the fun-loving yarn over!

lastly, beware of this creature. he will shoot you and get you in the mood - but in the mood for what, i'm not sure. perhaps a veggie burger?

February 02, 2005

kit kat hooray!

she's home! my little cloudy girl has a urinary tract infection. we got some yummy pills for her (they smell so bad - wish us luck!), and she should be back to normal soon. i was sooo excited to get the phone call from the vet.

"cloudy peed, so you can come and pick her up."

words you never expect to get so happy about!

there's plenty more good news to spread around like butter. check out what came in the mail:

if you go to eBay on a yarn hunt, please check out life's an expedition . her yarn is so gorgeous, as you can see above. there was a little miscalculation on my part for the shipping, so she sent me a free ball of rose and jack, as well as some homemade soap (smells so good!). i had already gotten one of my auctions free because she combined the shipping. she also sent a cool homemade card that has samples of all of her gorgeous blends of yarn. if you haven't already, see what yummies she has for your stashing pleasure!

now it's time to play a guessing game. here - can you guess what i'm making? here's a tough clue:

i'll give you a hint: it has a thumb.

i don't have unusually large hands, in case you were curious. this one, and its soon to be cast on mate, will be felted.

thanks again everyone for your get well wishes for my little kitty girl. all of your comments really perked me up. we're so excited to have our girl back home!