the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

February 08, 2005

happy fastnacht day!

have you had your fastnacht today? if not, feel free to lick the screen:

fastnachts are the pennsylvania dutch's attempt to rid the house of lard and other yummy things (!) in time for self-denial during lent. so they fry up these donuts, called fastnachts, and sometimes sprinkle them with powdered sugar (you can eat 'em plain, too, but yuck). we bought a dozen. there are 3 left now. and yes, that is powdered sugar that you see on my chin! (but not 9 donuts' worth.)

i want to thank you all for your kind get-well wishes, once again. i feel like i need to stop belly-achin' about things, like cloudy's attempt to decorate our downstairs carpet (we're putting in hardwood floors - take that, meowsie!) and my neck pain. i found out today that i have something called mild stenosis, which is like a narrowing of the spinal canal. i hope you've finished licking that fastnacht, i don't want to ruin anyone's appetite. :p

do you know who is wonderful? why, it's allison , the neophyte knitter, and alison, a creative genius, who both sent me lovely raok's! allison with two L's sent me some gorgeous orange wool that was waiting patiently in her stash to be used:

single-L alison sent me some yummy recipe cards. one is for a white chocolate raspberry bar. that beats fastnachts any day! thank you, sweet al(l)isons, you two are truly kind!!

i've been plugging away at kyoto. i'd show you, but it's just the back, front left, and front right sections, all stockinette, all in aqua, all ho-hum. i've decided to do a project in between each section of kyoto so that i don't get bored with it. i'm currently working on the right section but have already started a table runner using the cortez expedition i got from eBay last week. it's more than half-way done, and i'm actually using the yo, drop it! scarf pattern from stitch and bitch and have cast on about 20 stitches to make it table-runner width. it looks very folk-artsy, and i needed me some of that to help balance out cloudy's "creations."

on that appetizing note, don't forget to eat a fastnacht today! (if you don't have any, any donut will do!)