the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

February 02, 2005

kit kat hooray!

she's home! my little cloudy girl has a urinary tract infection. we got some yummy pills for her (they smell so bad - wish us luck!), and she should be back to normal soon. i was sooo excited to get the phone call from the vet.

"cloudy peed, so you can come and pick her up."

words you never expect to get so happy about!

there's plenty more good news to spread around like butter. check out what came in the mail:

if you go to eBay on a yarn hunt, please check out life's an expedition . her yarn is so gorgeous, as you can see above. there was a little miscalculation on my part for the shipping, so she sent me a free ball of rose and jack, as well as some homemade soap (smells so good!). i had already gotten one of my auctions free because she combined the shipping. she also sent a cool homemade card that has samples of all of her gorgeous blends of yarn. if you haven't already, see what yummies she has for your stashing pleasure!

now it's time to play a guessing game. here - can you guess what i'm making? here's a tough clue:

i'll give you a hint: it has a thumb.

i don't have unusually large hands, in case you were curious. this one, and its soon to be cast on mate, will be felted.

thanks again everyone for your get well wishes for my little kitty girl. all of your comments really perked me up. we're so excited to have our girl back home!