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Orange is too cool for shoes.

February 22, 2005

mutt post

this post is a mutt because it's a mix of this and that. this is what happens when you don't post for over 4 days. you have a bunch of stuff that doesn't connect very well (except for the fact that you lived through it) because it doesn't have a short period of time holding it together nicely and neatly. first, we'll tackle the non-knitting news:

a. i had to remove this part - it was only me talking about taking 100 scouts to nyc this summer. but whenever this part is up, my sidebar keeps moving down to the bottom of my page. what in the world?!

b. my diagnosis has changed (i think). it's a bulging disc that has me all ouchy. i went for some physical therapy today. it wasn't half bad, although i'm not sure that electric stimulation thing really does anything other than make you feel like you're in a bad sci fi movie from the 50s.

c. we're going to maine this summer with my parents. my mom is a little afraid of bears. i told her they can't get in the cottage we're renting. my question is, can they? the wildest thing i have in my world is a hungry child. and they're rather easy to tame. so, anyone know anything about maine bears?

knitty stuff
a. i now officially have too many wips going on. i did shorten the list by finishing up the drop-stitch table runner i made:

uh, it's orange.

i did it on size 15s with the cortez expedition i got from

dj runnels.

b. another wip: my lucy bag, which i'm doing in lamb's pride shade "orange you glad" and some pretty manos del uruguay. i had intended to throw in the manos every now and then to give it a big slub effect. however, mike told me that he thought my bag looks like tigger.

that isn't exactly the look i was going for. now i'm not so hot about this bag. pffft.

c. of course, i'm still doing
kyoto and am almost done with sleeve 2. then it's the sash, the putting together, and the wearing. finally.

d. i also started up a fun scarf using some crystal palace choo choo and trendsetter eyelash. personally, i don't like eyelash yarn. i have used it in the past, and it is okay, or, as randy jackson says, "it's just alright for me, dude." but the choo choo is a teal and olive blend, and the eyelash is olive. it has a very peacockial effect, and i happen to like that bird. so i'll post a pic and you can tell me how ew it is or isn't. just please don't say it looks like tigger.

e. the wonderful
elisa is beyond wonderful. she sent me some beautiful orangey jaeger matchmaker merino and some fun bath beads, along with a really sweetiecue card. she rocks . . . and rolls. when ds gabe saw the bath beads, his face lit up. know why? not b/c he imagined his mom finally getting some peace and quiet and time to herself in a nice hot bath. no. it was because he thought it was candy. somehow i don't think he'd like the taste of them. thank you, sweet elisa!

f. i got some eros in for some fun spring scarves. here's a pic, along with elisa's jaeger:

thanks to
amy for giving me the color for the easter egg eros!

g. finally, this is non-knitting, but a knit blogger tagged me with the tv meme. thanks,
erica, for the tag!

1. How much space is left on your Tivo or Comcast Box? Well, considering that I don't have either, I'd have to go with the obvious answer: marshmallows.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of TV series and if so, which one? No, although I've implied a beg or two for the first series of the OC. Hint duly ignored.

3. What was the last TV show that you watched before reading this message?American Idol.

4. List five shows you won't miss. Must see TV: American Idol, The OC, The Apprentice, Surreal Life 4, and, arrested development. I like to catch Passions, but you won't hear me admitting it.

5. Name 3 people to whom you will pass this stick. Since I took a bat's lifetime to respond to this tagging, I think I'm safe in saying that everyone has probably already done this one.

Sorry this was so long. Ew.