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Orange is too cool for shoes.

March 23, 2005

'scuse me, have you seen my brain?

because i don't think it's around here anywhere. sorry to not be around for awhile. i've been the sole parent for the past few days (mike's away on business), and i've had infinity plus two things to do. i think i've knitted maybe twenty rows total in the past six days. argh! plus, i'm mega behind in reading blogs. i so look forward to catching up!

while i miss mike something awful, the kids and i have been living it up. they're on spring break this week, so i let them stay up late, and we're all camping down in the living room. i go to sleep each night listening to them giggle. they're awesome and are instant spirit lifters.

btw, have you seen
this show? it's house, on fox, and it's one of my current favorites. what always fascinates me is how english actors can affect an american accent, like the star of this show does. i guess it makes sense - we can pretend to have an english accent. but for whatever reason, i always think it's harder for an englishman to sound like an american. and what's more, how is it that some english singers sound american, and some sound english? hmm.

at any rate, i did manage to order some berroco cotton twist for the little "70s suede jacket" that i want to knit up. here's the sweater, one more time:
Image hosted by

and i chose this color:
Image hosted by
sweet violet

unfortunately, i have no idea how long it'll take to come in. the lys i ordered it from isn't the quickest with these things. but i had a gift certificate, so finances won out over instant gratification.

i've also been working on some pink opal socks (shout out to
susan!) and a clapotis! any guesses what color mine will be?

i received some great yarn for my homeschoolers knitting club from
lauren, who also sent me a cool prezzy. i'll post a pic once my camera gets new batts! thank you, girlie! you're a sweetie.

also, my wonderful sis took me out for a smorgasbord breakfast as a belated birthday prezzy, and also donated to my yarn fund. i got some mission falls 1824 cotton in a pretty clayish-mauve color. i was originally going to do clapotis in that, but i think i'm saving it for something else a little more special. thanks, mabs! *waves at sis*

hey, here's a great fact for you to chew on (or not): if you don't close the lid of your toilet when you flush, microscopic particles of your recent bowl deposit will fly out - i think at a distance of 6 feet or something. i heard it on that how clean is your house show. so you might wanna close that lid next time you go, for your toothbrush's sake. (i originally had 60 feet, but thanks to jen's comment, i stand corrected. still, the fact remains - it flies.)

hope you weren't eating breakfast. which reminds me, i got me some pops down there. oh yeah!
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p.s. have you ever come to my blog and seen nothing but the orange yarn background? that's been happening to me lately, but i wondered if it was just me.

March 17, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

(which means all of my old blogger comments are gone. wah! oh well. i hope this makes commenting easier!)

i love lucy!

i finished her up this a.m. here's cloudy staking her claim on the pre-felted version:
Image hosted by

for size reference, that's a weeble sitting on it (one of three childhood toys i still have), and there's my big toe in the bottom right corner.

and here she is, being blocked.

Image hosted by

stats: i used 10 1/2 circs and straights, 3 skeins of lamb's pride "orange you glad", and the pattern is the lucy bag from two old bags. fun, easy, and quick. excellent for that mindless knitting while watching american idol.

lucy ended up being a nice, large bag. marah (my dd) says she's really looking forward to finding my cell phone in this bag. marah enjoys sarcasm and moonlit walks on the beach.

check this out! one of the girls in my homeschoolers' knitting club made this for me:
Image hosted by

it's a little knitting pin. she used orange yarn! isn't she a sweet coolie? thanks, a!

mmmmm know what i had for breakfast this morning? here's a clue:
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yeah! it's cream of wheat, baby. i love cream of wheat! i like to make mine very lumpy so that you have to chew it infinite times before it goes down. it has to be made with lots o'milk and sugar. oh yeah!

but i guess i should've added some green food coloring, since today is st. patty's day! so have a happy one, everyone!
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March 14, 2005

thank you . . . thank you very much

i realized today that i am in my fat elvis period. this doesn't mean that i drip with sweat in a white, bell-bottomed pantsuit. it does mean more rice cakes and less girl scout cookies. at least i'm not eating 100,000 calories per day, like the King did before his demise. read about his daily diet if you're interested. there's even a sound clip of a guy talking about elvis being dead.

i remember when elvis died, and i was like 7 or 8. my granny and i went into montgomery ward's department store (are they still around?) and bought one of his records of golden hits. "poor soul," i commented, as we paid for the record. my grandmother and the salesman both laughed at me. what was so funny?


i'm delighted to say that the pretenders are being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. i love early pretenders - back before their mid-80s hits. have you ever read about their early history? it's rather heartbreaking. anyway, i really admire chrissie hynde for her raw genuine spirit. but not for the shirt & jacket ensemble she's wearing on this album cover:
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okay, knitty-wise: amanda is a dear chum of mine. we've never met, but we know just about everything about each other, and we're almost identicals. except i don't think she's going through a fat elvis period right now. so amanda, being the sweetiekins that she is, begifted me with the queen kahuna crazy toes and heels sock knitting book. i'm really excited, because it shows how to do different methods than i'm used to for sock knitting, and really helps you customize how you want to knit and wear your socks. how cool is that? almost as cool as amanda! thank you, girl!

i hope to post a pic of the completed, delightful orange lucy bag for you this week. but first it needs to be, uh, completed. it's already delightful and orange. two out of three ain't bad. i have just the small strap and some kitchener stitching to do, some felting magic, and then voila, she will be done. it was very easy and fun, and working with lamb's pride worsted only made it even more enjoyable. all of that thick and thin and thin and thick in each strand. maybe this is lamb's pride's own way of being a sympathetic fat elvis with me. God, i love knitting.

p.s. thanks for all of your input re: canada & passport stuff. i'll take my tattered birth certificate in case my license isn't enough. the photo on it is pre-fat-elvisian, so i may not be recognized by that alone. thanks!

March 10, 2005

hip hop hooray!

this little guy just hopped in to say hi!

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actually, he's no "little guy," he's a little hefty. i think he thought that if he had carrot cake instead of just plain carrots, it'd be the same difference. wrong, dude. your cotton tail is getting lost on your big bunny booty!

this was a fun knit. i did use the baby cashmerino that my wonderful secret pal sent to me, with some size 5's and this pattern, and i knit away. all in all, it took about 3 hours to do. fun, quick, instant gratification, and cute. what more could a restless, impatient knitter ask for in a project?

good news: my homeschoolers knitting club is growing! we are actually running out of space, it seems. the girls are doing great work. some are knitting scarves, one is doing a hat out of some black bernat boa, and some are just doing practice pieces. marah is working on a washcloth (turquoise, her favorite color!) these girls are awesome!

here is marah's washcloth:
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however, some of the other customers at the bookstore where we meet are so incredibly mean. this one guy had me so upset, i was fantasizing about pouring a nice piping hot mocha latte over his balding fat head. he was so annoyed that we had the area reserved, that he even sassed the employee who was helping me set up. when my girls showed up, he said "my God, we're surrounded." what a *insert your favorite curse word here*! things like this really get me bothered, and they shouldn't. i guess i can never believe it when people are blatantly rude, even though i should know better. sheesh. if he wanted to read his book in peace so badly, he should've bought it and scampered away to his hovel of hate. cheapskate weirdo grumpbiscuit.

anyway, it was fun to watch the girls go crazy over my stash giveaways. i had a bunch of yarn ends and things i don't plan to use,and i put them in a box for the girls to rummage through. so hey, if any of you have any remnants or the skein-ends that you want to get rid of, i'd be happy to help you find them a new home. these girls love getting yarn! feel free to email me if you have something you'd like to dispose of, and i'll give you my address. thank you!

now, onto another question - do you need a passport to go into canada? we're going to be so close to the land of maple leaf when we go to maine this summer, and i think fdr's vacation place is around where we're going to be staying - but he vacationed in canada. i won't pay $75 for a passport just so i can see where fdr sipped his lemonade. i love my presidential history, but not enough to part with that much buckage. anyone know?

March 08, 2005

kyoto ky-oops!

i had pledged to myself that i wouldn't post on my blog until kyoto was done. i had grown tired of saying "i'm still chugging along on kyoto." i could've just reworded it, but the message would've been the same - kyoto wasn't done!

but now she is. however, there's a catch. in fact, there are two catches - these two road blocks that are on my chest that make kyoto seem shorter in the front and longer in the back. i want this blog to have unscary pics, so you'll have to deal with a body-less shot:

Image hosted by

so i gave it to marah. she has yet to develop, uh, road blocks, and while it looks a little big on her, it's very cozy. she had wanted me to make one for her in the same colors (she was the one who chose the color for the sash, anyway), so she got it earlier than she expected! (p.s. i hope my gentle readers know that i'm not bragging about said road blocks. i'm pretty disgruntled, actually.)

specs: four seasons roma in aruba aqua & jo sharp summer soho cotton in sailboat; size 5 circs. i didn't modify the pattern in any way, except that i added onto the length of the torso when my sleeves ended up not being centered correctly. instead of taking off the sleeves i had slaved over, i undid the cast on edge of the back portion of the sweater and added a few rows - sweater surgery!

would i make kyoto again? not for myself, but i would for someone else. it was a fun knit, but it certainly wasn't a quick one. my next project is the "70s suede jacket" in the 2005 issue of knit it. i tend to not like a lot of the patterns in that magazine - they're kind of, oh, i don't know:

Image hosted by

but this one's cute:
Image hosted by

i'd like to do it in the berroco suede that is called for, particularly the shade named wyatt earp. however, being the mom of two young children and one income, i'm not about to spend over $100 for yarn for one sweater. so i'm currently trying to find a substitute. i don't want wool, because i don't want anything that will pill. i'll probably search for a fun ribbon yarn that would make this very springy and light.

in other knitty news, i frogged lucy. i know you were all so kind in saying that she didn't resemble tigger, but i couldn't take it. every time i picked her up to work on her, all i could see was this:
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don't get me wrong, tigger can be cute. mostly i found him annoying, though, and tended to identify more with the morbid eeyore. thanks for noticing. anyway, lucy is now on her way to being clad in pure orange delight. ahhhhh. but i want to thank celia for her kind post and support!

non-morbid update: my wonderful secret pal sent me a second prezzy. look what i got! a needle case for my dpns! now i have the one my mom made me for my regular needles, and a special case for my double pointed babies. thank you, secret pal! your talents amaze me!
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well, today's our homeschoolers knitting club meeting. and it's snowing! hooray? hoowrong! why, just yesterday, it was 68 degrees! it was so nice that the kids and i searched for signs of spring, and found several, in a nature hike at a local park. looks like it's back to looking for animal tracks in the snow! *sigh* i think mother nature has her winter hat on too tight.

March 02, 2005


today is show and tell day for me! i am excited to share the pictures of some wonderful presents given to me by some wonderful people! first, check out how talented my secret pal is!

she made this little orange bag - perfect for toting around my sock knitting projects! she also gave me these cute little ice cube-inspired stitch markers, some wool wash, and some yummy debbie bliss baby cashmerino. i think i might use it to make up one of these little knitted bunnies, a la alyx and laura! her little pressed flower card is perfect for me - i am a wildflower freak and am beside myself waiting for the first blooms to greet me. thank you, secret pal!

and look at what my mom made for me for my birthday. she sewed this needle case!

isn't it awesome? my mom is a fabulous sewer. i pronounce this "sew-er", not "sewer," as in "waste treatment facility." i'd call her a seamstress, but to me, that implies that she works long hours slaving over some rich lady's dress. what do you call a sew-er?

finally, i had to begift myself when i saw these cute sandals at bj's the other day. all i need is my orange nailpolish adeptly slathered on my toenails, and i'm all set! some warm weather would be helpful, too :)

the toes on my right foot look like they're miniatures, but they're not. i guess i had them curled up for some reason. weirdo :)

my cute dh is so, well, cute! we passed by this shop the other day that had all of this "red hat society" stuff in it. do you have the red hat craze where you are? it's a bunch of women over 50 (i think that's the age requirement?) who wear red hats and have a grand old time. well, there was this shop with this red hat stuff, and in the shop window was a red feather boa scarf. he thought it might be a yarn shop, mainly because he saw this scarf, and the name of the place is "the barking sheep." i told him no, it was a red hat shop.

"Oh," he said. a short silence followed, and then: "well, do they make yarn, too, like red heart does?"

no, my cutie, they don't. but thanks for stepping into my world for a second and talking about yarn!

hey, have any of you interweave knits subscribers gotten your spring issue yet? i haven't. apparently it was mailed out around 2/16. what's the story!?

i'm about to blow away here. i think they must be filming winnie the pooh & the blustery day here. of course, the windiest day of the week is always trash day, so that means i need to go and chase our trash cans and recycling bins down the street. maybe i'll put on my new sandals just to show the weather - i mean business! i want spring NOW!!!