the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

March 02, 2005


today is show and tell day for me! i am excited to share the pictures of some wonderful presents given to me by some wonderful people! first, check out how talented my secret pal is!

she made this little orange bag - perfect for toting around my sock knitting projects! she also gave me these cute little ice cube-inspired stitch markers, some wool wash, and some yummy debbie bliss baby cashmerino. i think i might use it to make up one of these little knitted bunnies, a la alyx and laura! her little pressed flower card is perfect for me - i am a wildflower freak and am beside myself waiting for the first blooms to greet me. thank you, secret pal!

and look at what my mom made for me for my birthday. she sewed this needle case!

isn't it awesome? my mom is a fabulous sewer. i pronounce this "sew-er", not "sewer," as in "waste treatment facility." i'd call her a seamstress, but to me, that implies that she works long hours slaving over some rich lady's dress. what do you call a sew-er?

finally, i had to begift myself when i saw these cute sandals at bj's the other day. all i need is my orange nailpolish adeptly slathered on my toenails, and i'm all set! some warm weather would be helpful, too :)

the toes on my right foot look like they're miniatures, but they're not. i guess i had them curled up for some reason. weirdo :)

my cute dh is so, well, cute! we passed by this shop the other day that had all of this "red hat society" stuff in it. do you have the red hat craze where you are? it's a bunch of women over 50 (i think that's the age requirement?) who wear red hats and have a grand old time. well, there was this shop with this red hat stuff, and in the shop window was a red feather boa scarf. he thought it might be a yarn shop, mainly because he saw this scarf, and the name of the place is "the barking sheep." i told him no, it was a red hat shop.

"Oh," he said. a short silence followed, and then: "well, do they make yarn, too, like red heart does?"

no, my cutie, they don't. but thanks for stepping into my world for a second and talking about yarn!

hey, have any of you interweave knits subscribers gotten your spring issue yet? i haven't. apparently it was mailed out around 2/16. what's the story!?

i'm about to blow away here. i think they must be filming winnie the pooh & the blustery day here. of course, the windiest day of the week is always trash day, so that means i need to go and chase our trash cans and recycling bins down the street. maybe i'll put on my new sandals just to show the weather - i mean business! i want spring NOW!!!