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Orange is too cool for shoes.

March 23, 2005

'scuse me, have you seen my brain?

because i don't think it's around here anywhere. sorry to not be around for awhile. i've been the sole parent for the past few days (mike's away on business), and i've had infinity plus two things to do. i think i've knitted maybe twenty rows total in the past six days. argh! plus, i'm mega behind in reading blogs. i so look forward to catching up!

while i miss mike something awful, the kids and i have been living it up. they're on spring break this week, so i let them stay up late, and we're all camping down in the living room. i go to sleep each night listening to them giggle. they're awesome and are instant spirit lifters.

btw, have you seen
this show? it's house, on fox, and it's one of my current favorites. what always fascinates me is how english actors can affect an american accent, like the star of this show does. i guess it makes sense - we can pretend to have an english accent. but for whatever reason, i always think it's harder for an englishman to sound like an american. and what's more, how is it that some english singers sound american, and some sound english? hmm.

at any rate, i did manage to order some berroco cotton twist for the little "70s suede jacket" that i want to knit up. here's the sweater, one more time:
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and i chose this color:
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sweet violet

unfortunately, i have no idea how long it'll take to come in. the lys i ordered it from isn't the quickest with these things. but i had a gift certificate, so finances won out over instant gratification.

i've also been working on some pink opal socks (shout out to
susan!) and a clapotis! any guesses what color mine will be?

i received some great yarn for my homeschoolers knitting club from
lauren, who also sent me a cool prezzy. i'll post a pic once my camera gets new batts! thank you, girlie! you're a sweetie.

also, my wonderful sis took me out for a smorgasbord breakfast as a belated birthday prezzy, and also donated to my yarn fund. i got some mission falls 1824 cotton in a pretty clayish-mauve color. i was originally going to do clapotis in that, but i think i'm saving it for something else a little more special. thanks, mabs! *waves at sis*

hey, here's a great fact for you to chew on (or not): if you don't close the lid of your toilet when you flush, microscopic particles of your recent bowl deposit will fly out - i think at a distance of 6 feet or something. i heard it on that how clean is your house show. so you might wanna close that lid next time you go, for your toothbrush's sake. (i originally had 60 feet, but thanks to jen's comment, i stand corrected. still, the fact remains - it flies.)

hope you weren't eating breakfast. which reminds me, i got me some pops down there. oh yeah!
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p.s. have you ever come to my blog and seen nothing but the orange yarn background? that's been happening to me lately, but i wondered if it was just me.