the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

March 14, 2005

thank you . . . thank you very much

i realized today that i am in my fat elvis period. this doesn't mean that i drip with sweat in a white, bell-bottomed pantsuit. it does mean more rice cakes and less girl scout cookies. at least i'm not eating 100,000 calories per day, like the King did before his demise. read about his daily diet if you're interested. there's even a sound clip of a guy talking about elvis being dead.

i remember when elvis died, and i was like 7 or 8. my granny and i went into montgomery ward's department store (are they still around?) and bought one of his records of golden hits. "poor soul," i commented, as we paid for the record. my grandmother and the salesman both laughed at me. what was so funny?


i'm delighted to say that the pretenders are being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. i love early pretenders - back before their mid-80s hits. have you ever read about their early history? it's rather heartbreaking. anyway, i really admire chrissie hynde for her raw genuine spirit. but not for the shirt & jacket ensemble she's wearing on this album cover:
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okay, knitty-wise: amanda is a dear chum of mine. we've never met, but we know just about everything about each other, and we're almost identicals. except i don't think she's going through a fat elvis period right now. so amanda, being the sweetiekins that she is, begifted me with the queen kahuna crazy toes and heels sock knitting book. i'm really excited, because it shows how to do different methods than i'm used to for sock knitting, and really helps you customize how you want to knit and wear your socks. how cool is that? almost as cool as amanda! thank you, girl!

i hope to post a pic of the completed, delightful orange lucy bag for you this week. but first it needs to be, uh, completed. it's already delightful and orange. two out of three ain't bad. i have just the small strap and some kitchener stitching to do, some felting magic, and then voila, she will be done. it was very easy and fun, and working with lamb's pride worsted only made it even more enjoyable. all of that thick and thin and thin and thick in each strand. maybe this is lamb's pride's own way of being a sympathetic fat elvis with me. God, i love knitting.

p.s. thanks for all of your input re: canada & passport stuff. i'll take my tattered birth certificate in case my license isn't enough. the photo on it is pre-fat-elvisian, so i may not be recognized by that alone. thanks!