the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

April 22, 2005

wish us luck!

well, my girl scouts and i are off today for some good old-fashioned camping . . . in the rain. wah! i'm hoping to fit things in between the showers, and possibly even keep going despite the showers. sometimes it's fun to do things when there's a light sprinkle out there. but if it's raining hard, it's inside our luxurious quarters we go! it's times like this that i'm thankful that the majority of my girl scouts aren't into tent camping. hooray for pseudo-roughing it!

my fingers are aching from cutting and scooping 22 huge oranges for the cake in an orange dessert tonight. i'll let you know how they are! we're also having walking tacos, where you put your taco meat (i'm having soy, thank you very much - i'm not a fan of ground up intestines) and toppings inside a bag of corn chips, and you can walk around eating it, hence the name. this is a new one for us, like the oranges, so i'm hoping it's good. after dinner, we'll be sitting around the campfire and singing songs, eating s'mores, and having a blast. i hope the rain doesn't show up at that point, although i plan to have a makeshift indoors campfire (some logs and a lantern underneath for the "fire") and some indoor s'mores with my indoor s'more maker. i am prepared!!! (famous last words)

in knitting news, i've started the 70's suede jacket with my berroco cotton twist. this yarn is okay; it is pretty and very springy, but it's also very splitty, which drives me bonkers. i'd post a pic, but my camera is already packed! i hope to work on it tonight while we adults are downstairs, listening to the girls having fun upstairs. my other wips - clapotis and some socks - are not getting much attention, but they'll have their moment, i'm sure. i hope, anyway.

the wildflower walk this week was a lot of fun. the weather was absolutely beautiful, and we saw tons of varieties of wildflowers. of course, my favorites, the dutchman's breeches, were there, waiting for me! i got some pictures, but again, the camera is packed for the camping trip and i didn't upload the pics yet. while we were walking, there was a deer crossing the creek, getting a drink. it would've been a great moment had there not been 30+ people there blocking our view. crapola. still had fun, though!

oh - the red bean ice cream was purchased, not made by me. i wish i could make it! we haven't used our ice cream maker for a few years, but i bet homemade red bean ice cream would be delish!

have a great weekend, and send us some sun, please!