the orange yarn, please

Orange is too cool for shoes.

July 01, 2005

i'm so sorry!

i feel so bad for not posting and causing worry. all is well! i'm just megabusy with things, but it's all over now. well, almost, anyway. i had to finish up our school year, get the portfolio ready to hand in to the school district, get ready for our homeschool evaluation, and then finish planning and getting ready for our girl scout day camp, which officially ended yesterday. unlike last year, i broke no bones! i did trip over a rake and fell on my face, though, but i can't even say that i hurt my pride, b/c no one saw. anyway, i was the director for the camp, and we had almost 40 staff members and about 125 campers. it went well, despite the intense heat, and the best part is that it's over!

i have absolutely nothing new, knitting-wise, to present to you in an orderly fashion. i did ask my favorite yarn shop, labadie looms, to come out to camp and demonstrate spinning and weaving, which they did (our theme was medieval times). the kids loved it. so did i, although i was disappointed that they didn't bring any merchandise for me to fondle. they handed me some wool with deer hair blended into it to satisfy my craving.

again, i'm sorry for my lack of presence and general inconsiderate silence. i hope you all forgive me! thanks for your emails of concern and luv. as life settles back into a norm (god willing), i can hopefully take up the needles again and move into first gear. take care!